Laggin and Ragequiting

If you start playing with someone with 3 bars lets say, and towards the end of the final round… BS lagg starts happening and you fuk up your move and you get ultraded, do you Disconect? or take the lag loss

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I’m negging you for even asking the question.


EDIT: HOWEVER, if you start a match and from the VERY beginning the lag is HORRIBLE, imho, its ok to drop under those circumstances. But once you commit to playing most of a round…its never OK to drop. Lag affects both parties.

If it’s disgustingly bad I’ll usually just walk forward and give them the win. If I play them again somehow, and get similar results I just avoid and file a complaint.

I’ve noticed guys doing this that have 4 bars and the final round they standby or w/e the fuck it is that those guys do.

I take the lag loss, because if the lag is preventing from performing the move I will blame it on the lag. If the guy can beat me squarely by out playing me, then he deserves the win.

I tend to quit instantly if it turns out the lag is unplayable (ie. 2 seconds of gameplay - 1 second pause - 1 second of gameplay - 2 second pause etc) because really it makes the game a total clusterfuck and there’s no skill involved whatsoever if there’s only a 25% chance that a move will actually come out at all if you input it, let alone at the right time. It’s just no fun at all. But I certainly wouldn’t play a round and then quit.

So you can see now why we always do that to threads like these?

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Imo, playing thru lag is a godsend. It slows down your opponent tremendously… that way you can anticipate most of their attacks. The bad thing is that it slows you down as well.

I actually got hatemailed last night by a guy whose Ryu I comprehensively hammered, saying it was because I “have a horriffic connection”. I replied, “My foot connected to your ass pretty well”. It’s mystifying to me why anybody would think lag would give either player an advantage of any sort.

You only got an “advantage” because you won. If you had lost there would have been no mail. I leave instantaneously when i see lag.

Well… yeah. That’s exactly my point. :wonder:

The stupid thing is, the lag wasn’t even that bad.

You think there’s no advantage but lag makes shitty players play better (because basic shit like jump rh, cr rh become hard to punish or even block sometimes)and good players play worse. This is why shitty players can beat good players online and sometimes the good players get annoyed by this.

I’m no great player by any means but I can tell you I’ve had a hard time winning matches against people that have no idea what they’re doing. Just a little bit of input lag can turn the game into a random mess and it’s very unfamiliar to people who play the real game (offline). So you might think you’re better than the guy you beat online but that guy might actually shit all over you in offline play.