Lagging issue on AE PC

I was just on AE PC and I was playing some guy in my local area. we had green bar connection but there was something wrong with his connection…

I mean, he kept saying that his connection was fine and all of his stuff was fine. but on my side of the coin, it was laggy as fuck, like I couldnt even press any moves. I knew exactly what he was going to do so I prepared so many setups and counters but it was just sooooo ridiculously laggy that none of my inputs were even registered

there were these annoying lag spikes every 4 seconds that occurred, and it lagged so bad that I could see the MOTION BLUR pause itself. it was horrendous

this is not a cry cry thread. I’m actually asking for a solution. Has this ever happened to you guys with a green bar connection guy? If so, do you know any solutions?

I already told this guy to set his framerate to FIXED but I didnt ask him to change anything else… oh shit… I think he should’ve turned off his vsync… im not even sure though

anyways yeah I dont know wtf it was