Lagless HDMI splitter?


Does anyone know of a good HDMI spliter which has no lag, it would really help.


I’ve been using 2x1 splitter from monoprice for years on my head to head cab setup. Check out the options they have there.


Bought that one. Turned out A-OK


i bought 4x1 works just fine


The majority of powered HDMI splitters won’t lag, but it all depends on how careful you want to be. I also picked up the Monoprice versions of the 1x2 and 1x4 splitters, but I got the PRO versions as that’s what was Team Spooky used at the time.
There’s a significant increase in price between the regular and PRO versions, and whether there’s a difference in latency is unknown (doubtful), but as a TO I couldn’t risk people complaining.


So something like this then? Money is no issue seeing this price is surprising though I thought they would be more expensive.


Yes that is it. The prices of the Pro versions of both the 1x2 and 1x4 double from the powered standard models on Monoprice.


Thank you all, bought a splitter hoping it all works out well.