Lagless PC Monitors?

Hello, I recently purchased a new PC and I’m looking to get a decent monitor to go along with it.

I did some research and found that ASUS VH236H and Alienware OptX AW2210 are the best to go for, but every place I checked had these out of stuck, except This but I’m not sure if I can trust this seller because its price is like $200 dollars below what its supposed to be, I think. Can any vouch for this seller or give me a point in the right direction to get a good PC monitor for fighting games?

I’m fairly certain ASUS has a bunch of models with exactly or nearly exactly the same PCB and panels as that one. They’ve been refreshing the line and they seem to perform the same, which would make sense.

Also it really depends on your budget.

Those ASUS monitors also have poor colors and are cheap, certainly not a high end solution. They’re budget line and barebones.

But for example, if you liked ASUS and didn’t care about mediocre colors/black levels, this would be a very tempting solution for gaming and general use if it’s in your price range:

It’s really hard to tell you without knowing more about exactly what you want. There are literally thousands of options, and I certainly assume you also care about more than a single frame of display lag.

FYI the Asus is not lagless. “the lagless Evo monitor” is what you hear it called sometimes but it lags at least a frame. you can check in the thread they have dedicated to low lag monitors for more info.

That doesn’t really matter because of two things:

  1. There is no such thing as a lagless flat panel monitor that you can buy at an affordable price. I’m not even sure if they make any consumer-grade ones.
  2. The Evo monitor is lagless in comparison to what almost every tournament uses for their setups (other Evo monitors).

Craigslist + CRT monitor = cheap lagless PC monitor

I use Dell ST2320L TN panel Led Lcd, I wonder how to test this, is there a chart somewhere? Is it true IPS panel lags more?

it’s just important to not call it lagless. it’s one of those weasel words. like when you want to run some old games at locals and ask if you can bring a CRT, and your local community says “oh don’t worry we play on the Evo monitor.” I definitely don’t want to play 3s on the Evo monitor. I just like to let people know politely whenever there’s a question about it.

FWIW some of the modern recent entries in that lagless monitor thread are approaching very low levels of lag, and better than the Evo monitors.

in any case, if you play only current gen FGs and your local community is using the ASUS, I agree it’s sensible to play on it as well.

FWIW, not every CRT is lagless either and the lag on CRTs can vary depending on how hot they get.

I thought computer monitors had no image processing and because of that were nearly lag free. Do i get input lag on my laptop?

Is lcd monitor lag at least tipically under one frame?

This is not typically the case. Are they better than TVs? Generally yeah, those are definitely more tuned for more post processing.

Asus VG248QE is the fastest monitor available right now. Mind you colour accuracy is poor if you intend to use it for PC use.

There is a BenQ model that uses the same panel, but it cost more. Not sure what the feature differences are compared to the Asus model though.

My Asus VG248QE came in the mail yesterday, but there was a dead pixel smack in the middle of it. Luckily newegg said they will replace it so I sent it in today. It’s a pain in the ass though because I live in South Carolina and they give me ground shipping to return it, so it’s gonna be a few weeks before I get a new one. Seriously though I thought we were passed the days of dead pixels on arrival. Aren’t monitors supposed to be tested?

An HDCRT TV maybe, but a 480i or multiscan VGA CRT, those have no lag (unless nanoseconds of difference is lag to you…).

No, they aren’t in the vast majority of cases. That would take time and money that they don’t want to spend. Instead they rely on improved manufacturing and automatically filter out panels. Most panels/monitors still have a degree of dead/stuck pixels allowed. But in the case of Newegg (or hopefully a Samsung namebrand), they’ll still replace no questions asked.

But congrats on a great piece of hardware. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by the higher refresh rate. Unfortunately you won’t get the refresh rate smoothness benefits in all games (some are locked to 60 or other rates), but it’s great in reducing latency and time to eye as well.

Yea can’t wait I tested it in a game of black ops 2 and it was very nice. I’ll be using it for cod, umvc3, ss4, MK, and Injustice.

Ohh wait you’re using it for console? Then you’re stuck at 60hz hdmi regardless. Not as good of a deal then, but still maybe good for your purposes.

Haha yea trust me it is better than my TV.