Lagless SD gamplay on HD monitors?

Hey Guys

I’m currently looking for a solution to play SD(Standard Definition) on a lag less HD Monitor(EVO Monitor Asus VH236H) with out lag.

From my research the HD BOX PRO is the best solution. I’ve read its lagless if the source is 480p.

Before making my purchase however I’d like to ask the knowledgeable members here on srk weather or not HD BOX PRO is the best solution, and weather or not the claim that it is lagless if you have a 480p source is true.

The source of my information came from here.

If your using firefox and your doing a search for HD BOX PRO on that page the 2nd search result will point you to the article on the blog.

what is your sd source thats going to make a diffrence

Component coming out of a PS2 480p.

the ps2 only displays 480p in a very few title like god of was and GT racing but most are 480i if your trying to get 1080 or 720 its just not realistic to have 0 lag your looking at least a frame or so there are other option such as the cheap ebay scaler it is suppose to be the same as the HDbox

The few games I want to play for sure display 480p. Guilty Gear, Street fighter Anthology, etc. For 480i I believe it, but what about 480p? Can I expect 0 lag with that resolution?

just pick up vga cable for ps3/ps2 it wont improve your picture but you wont have to worry about lag that not already there by your monitor also you might want to check that a list of games again Anthology does not support 480p
never mind im thinking anniversary collection

I use an XCM 1080p Mega-Cool VGA box; seems fine for PAL PS2 via component.

New method? So this is this the best way to hook in a PS2 with no worries of losing PSX BC?

The problem is the scaler recognising 240p.

I believe the HD Box Pro can see 240p, unlike modern day HD TVs which usually cannot.

nope HD box pro needs 480i at least
GBS 3220 -cheap-o ebay scaler recognizes 240p just fine

But can you get 480p through this “cheap-o” scaler?

I dont know I own one but I dont worry with 480p for ps2

If you have a modded PS2, you can try the program GSModeSelector, which uses your PS2 to upscale your games. It’s not very compatible and it has a lot of shortcomings due to how it works, but it’s an option.

Reading these last 2 posts makes me all nostalgic.

The HD Box Pro works with 240p just fine, it sees (and processes it) as 480i though, so it’s not ideal. Great for the money.

Its missing a motion sensitivity setting the results are not that great

I’ve never seen anyone verify a millisecond number of latency caused by the HD Box Pro and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and is on my list of things to do.
I have roughly 10 HD Box Pro v2 from China and 10 Monoprice HD Box Pro v1s and have used them at events here in the AZ community for roughly 2 years on PS2/PS3/Wii systems for both casual and tournament gaming.
I’ve had good reviews from many people within the AZ gaming community including one of the state’s top notch 3rd Strike players said3s (Abe) from Arcade in a Box on a PS2 as well as Juicebox on SSFIV on PS3 and Haz from team hAZmat and others Marvel3 with the PS3.
As long as they’re set in specific settings resolution wise I believe they’re under a frame of lag (+ whatever you get with your monitor) but as I mentioned I haven’t done any OFFICIAL tests other than the VGA passthru.

I did a fairly lengthy detailed writeup on them HERE on the Shmups Forum and plan on testing them as soon as I get my VH236H Evo monitors in the mail and my buddy lets me borrow his Sony Trinitron CRT component input monitor.

As soon as these tests are done I’ll be sure to post the official results for people to view/argue. :slight_smile:

I was NOT aware that they would be capable of handling any 240 signal though. I know they handle any PS2 game (even those that don’t support 480p) as long as the output on the PS2 settings is listed as component cable and it’s hooked up.
Anniversary Collection works just fine on PS2.


If you email they’ll flash the older firmware with motion detection for you. (and 640x480 output)

This would be amazing. I look forward to the results. :slight_smile:

The HD Box Pro has 2 ~ 3 frames of lag. If it’s “lagless” you want, you’re best bet is to wait for the XRGB-mini Frame Meister.