Lake Elsinore Peeps


Hey I’m interested in having some casual sessions in my garage. Anyone in the Lake Elsinore area that plays SF4 on Xbox 360 message me up. Supers comming soon too so can’t wait.


any 3s? the drive’s not so bad for 3s but isnt worth it for 4.


No I have HD remix and MVC2. But i’m terrible at both love to learn them from someone who knows what there doing though. SF4 is the main game.


OH MARVEL EH??? HMMMmmmmmm…Lemme find a stick for the 360 and I’ll be hitting you up. I don’t play HD Remix or SF4 but I know how. At least as far as fundamentals go.


I’m down to play since I live at Elsinore as well. Thought there wasn’t any players at elsinore haha


Ya guys message me for contact info what time is a good time for you guys? I’m free this weekend.


i sometimes go down to murrieta cuz of my friends there, i might go there one weekend when you have a sf4 gathering scheduled.


EY Yo im righhh off Clinton Keith, lemme know Whas goood