Lake Erie Summer Slam - Cleveland, 6/26 - SSFIV $500 pot or more/Free Food/ArcadeCab

Lake Erie Summer Slam – Cleveland, OH – Saturday, June 26, 2010

**Why: **The release of Super SFIV gives us the perfect time to host Cleveland’s first event-oriented tournament in five long years. We hope to see all the familiar traveling faces, plus give many Cleveland players their first chance to experience the drama and saltiness of tournament play.

We’re bringing back the arcade glory days as well with arcade-cabinet events, all in a unique, class, spacious venue, and run by a Cleveland staff with years of experience as both players and major-tournament organizers. Special events are in store as well – more on this later.

**Where: **Fox & Hound Sports Restaurant (8735 Day Drive - Parma, OH 44129, 440-842-8840).
Venue pics – we have the entire south and west areas reserved. We have access to a large projection screen in our area to show Capcom and Season’s Beatings entertainment all day and night.

Summer Slam FLYER – please DL and post wherever!


If you pre-pay by Sunday, June 20, 11:59 p.m.
A: Your venue is $8.
B: Your trip to the appetizer table is GUARANTEED no matter when you get to the tournament.

Also please don’t get confused – this is not all-you-can-eat. We are paying per person so in effect everyone should be getting the same $10 worth of food.

If you do not pre-register you are not guaranteed free food.

ALSO, if you pre-PAY, you will be seeded in advance of the tournament because we will be able to make part of the brackets in advance for SSFIV (and all the games we receive $$ for).
How can you pay?**

A: Paypal ( SEND AS A GIFT so we do not incur FURTHER fees on this tournament. If you are unclear as how to use Paypal and send cash from the personal tab as a gift, let us know and we’ll help you. You must include your name, SRK handle, venue fee and games being played. If you forget something I will get try to get back to you ASAP but please take your time and send it right the first time :wink:
B: See me in person on a Cleveland fight night (Wednesdays).
C: If you want to pre-pay and are outside of Cleveland, but absolutely cannot with Paypal and can’t get someone to do it for you, contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

  • As part of the tournament, players have access to the event menu with other dining choices. We will have dedicated servers, as well.*

Official games: (start times TBD)
Tournament pot split is 70/20/10, excepting Smash (TBD by Smash director) and NBA Jam/WWF (80/20 splits). Double elimination. This is BYOC, but if you really need someone’s stick you can probably find someone willing to loan you one. I will have a sanwa-powered Agetec for use in Marvel for those of you only with next-gen sticks.

**Super Street Fighter IV **(360) – $10 entry (will start first, possibly 1:30 p.m.)
Super Street Fighter IV - 2 vs. 2 Team Tournament(360) – $10/team (will start following SSFIV singles)
Tekken 6 (Playstation 3) – $5 entry
**Street Fighter 2: HD Remix **(360) – $5 entry
**Marvel vs. Capcom 2 **(DC) – $5 entry
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) – TBD
NBA Jam, 2 on 2 teams (Arcade) – $2/team
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)-- $5 entry (+$50 bonus for 1st)
WWF Wrestlefest, 2 on 2 teams (Arcade) – $2/team. This is a simple, fast, fun game anyone can pick up and play.

Side events to be run in BYOConsole area as time/demand allows. The interested players will run them, not tourney staff.
**Guilty Gear: AC+ **

SSFIV - default everything
**Tekken 6 - **no bans. 60 seconds, 3/5 rounds, random stage
SF2:HDR – Akuma banned
MvC2 - no game-breaking glitches. Juggs glitch allowed. Winner keeps same order but can switch-glitch
Brawl - TBD (supplied by King~, Smash director)
NBA Jam - Two quarters of play (roughly 5-minute games). Only codes allowed are shot display %, Big Head mode. Accidental input of an illegal code results in game restart and a warning, twice = DQ. Because secret characters do not have altered stats despite what GameFAQs says, they are legal (e.g. Mark Turmell, Carlton, etc.). Auto-assist ON. No Secret Tank Game play during tournament
UMK3 - default everything, no codes that affect gameplay (“No Blocking”, “Unlimited Run”, etc., but “Throwing Encouraged” would be OK)
Wrestlefest - game defaults, no bans

Possible side tournaments: Xmen vs. Street Fighter (arcade), KOF 2002UM, Alpha 2 Gold, Alpha 3 (arcade)

This is a big place for a regional event, and our area is not physically closed off or constricting players to a small area. Large, free parking lot. Also features billiards, big-screen TVs and darts, and a great house draft beer called Amber Fox.

We might have a Japanese-style candy cab there as well with genuine Capcom CPS2 fighters – no MAME. Nothing matches the intensity of battling shoulder-to-shoulder with an opponent, no matter if it’s dollars or pride on the line.

Staff Roll:
Chris “Ghaleon” and Harmon “nomrah” – co-directors
John “Nash/sflegend” – Tekken director and support
King~ – Smash director

Special thanks to Eric “chunblue” who if possible is providing Japanese candy cab for Capcom fighters; to Tim Static for bringing his UMK3 from Columbus; and to all locals and travelers who will be able to provide TVs and hardware; AND YOU

We’re really excited to be running this in Cleveland this summer. Please PM me or Harmon if you have any questions, or get at me on Facebook preferably (Chris Ghaleon). More as our events develop. Please let me know what side games you’d like to see as well help us support the smaller games. Thanks everyone for considering making the trip, it should be a great time!

If we can get a decent prize for both Wrestlefest/NBA Jam, I might just make them free to promote people playing them and give the people just coming to pay for an SSFIV tourney something else to do.

Awesome. Great idea with the venue fee/appetizer deal too.

Also because I’m too lazy to google, and I never come up to Cleveland, how’s the drive from Cbus?

roughly 2-2.5 hours its short when you have a car full of people laughing and bs’ing

So I’m totally coming to this, I just have 2 questions, for the “main events” specifically SSFIV, will Sticks be provided? The OP makes it seem like it but I just want to be sure.

Second question, is there an age limit?

BYOC – bring your own controller. You will probably be able to borrow a stick from someone there though if you really need one

No age limit break

Yeah, if you drive 7 MPH over the speed limit it’s exactly 2 hours from C-bus

Oh Alright, the OP says its BYOC for side events, hence the question. I might just dual mod my stick =/.

And no age requirement means that unless something comes up, I’m coming to this fo sho.

BYOC area = bring your own console area, sorry for the confusion :wink: That’s where we’ll have casuals/side games set up. But yeah, if possible we will have a few house sticks on hand.

looks like a cool venue. i think this is a chain bar/restaurant, right? there’s one named Fox & Hound near Mason, OH.

i’m sure that i’ll be coming to this with a car full of people from cincy/

my vote is for a 2v2 team tourney for ssfiv if there’s enough time.

There will definitely be time because we’re going to keep a dedicated SSFIV area going all day and night, and the venue closes at 2 a.m. Thanks for the input, glad you’re willing to make the drive.

Yeah Zach, it is a chain. Despite that, the Parma event coordinator is really flexible regarding what we’re doing, which rules.

To reiterate, we would be grateful for any hardware that players are willing to contribute! If you’re able to bring something please let me know, thanks! We have a base of TVs/systems locally but the more the better. Stations will be dedicated and in plain sight so no one will be walking off with your stuff.

I’ll see if we can bring some of the MI crew to this one.

You know I’ll do my best to make it. I’ll have to come from Fort Wayne too most likely, so I’ll probably bring some folks along.

I will be there, Chris. :bgrin:

And i will do everything in my power to bring my cab. But either way, i’ll be there and we’re doing UMK3 :coffee:

Count me in! Cleveland is only two hours and some change away from me. Ill see if I can gather some more West Virginia all-stars to pot monster with myself.

ill stream it if you want chris and David I hope to see you out

Having WV rep would be awesome – I’m not sure I’ve met you guys before. Awesome news.

Brent, we might have to stream wireless because they’d have to have an ethernet cord running from the back across the entranceway to our area :frowning: Is that worth doing? That would be great if you could help us out either way, thanks!

For any of you who care about Tekken, our Cle Tekken crew is recruiting from the surrounding states on TZ to give it a nice presence as well.

Yeah Dave, it would be great to see you guys again. Hope a lot of IN can come out :wink:

We will FOR SURE have time for two SSFIV tournaments. We want to give all the SFIV-only people bang for the buck. Looking at Smash, those guys play one game and have multiple events for it. SSFIV is the same thing for most new players, so there need to be multiple SSFIV tournies at events now IMO.

One thing I was considering as well was a “Speed SSFIV” tourney for like $2 with time set on 30 seconds or something. What does anyone think of that?

Also, in our area they have a big projector hooked up to a 360. I’m not sure if we can use for finals because the players would have to be sitting at that 360 way far away, but we might be putting some choice Capcom-related entertainment on the screen throughout the day, and probably a preview of Season’s Beatings-related videos or matches

REMINDER that we will do side tournies if you can get the interest and we have the hardware! Just talk to us and we’ll work them out depending on how our resources shape up.

Brent, like Chris said, would be wireless if anything. From what they told us, it sounds like their wireless is subpar too…I’m open to the idea, but not sure if it’s even worth it. Definitely thanks for offering though, but if it turns out that it won’t work, at least you can enjoy yourself and not worry about a stream :slight_smile:

what about just recording the matches with commentary and then uploading them to youtube later? i’m indifferent but getting content out there for when you’re able to actually stream would still be worth it IMO.

that way, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the stream or the shitty people in chat complaining about whatever!

This sounds like it’s going to be a really great event! Hopefully I’ll be able to come up, but we shall see.

if your going, lets go up together.

i need a u-Haul or something to bring the cab in…let me know, dude. :bgrin:

I’m bring that NBA JAM Utah Jazz and WWF Demolition, GOD TIER!!!