Lake Erie Summer Slam II: The Revenge - 6/18, Cle, OH - special events/free food!

Lake Erie Summer Slam II: The Revenge – Cleveland, OH – Saturday, June 18, 2011

**Why: **Last year we hosted Cleveland’s first regional tournament since 2005, and it came together perfectly: established organizers, old and new school games, a dedicated regional community, and a kickass, entertaining and spacious venue made for a great weekend. We’re looking to bring that same hype back for another year along the shores of Lake Erie!

And YES, you get free food again for prepaying! – AND we have the entire outlying party area reserved – twice as much space as last year!

**Where: **Fox & Hound Sports Restaurant (8735 Day Drive - Parma, OH 44129, 440-842-8840).
Venue pics


If you pre-pay by June 12, 11:59 p.m.
A: Your venue is $10.
B: Your trip to the appetizer table is GUARANTEED no matter when you get to the tournament.

Also please don’t get confused – this is not all-you-can-eat. We are paying per person so in effect everyone should be getting the same $10 worth of food.

If you do not pre-register you are not guaranteed free food, and venue fee will be $15 at the door.

ALSO, if you pre-PAY, you will be seeded in advance of the tournament because we will be able to make part of the brackets in advance.

How can you pay?

Paypal ( SEND AS A GIFT so we do not incur FURTHER fees on this tournament. If you are unclear as how to use Paypal and send cash from the personal tab as a gift, let us know and we’ll help you. You must include your name, SRK handle, venue fee and games being played. If you forget something I will get try to get back to you ASAP but please take your time and send it right the first time :wink:
OR: If you want to pre-pay and are outside of Cleveland, but absolutely cannot with Paypal and can’t get someone to do it for you, contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

NOTE: If you are paying for SF4 teams, you must pay the $20 in full for your team, and then let me know at time of purchase (or later through Facebook or email) who your partner is. CONTACT ME if you have any questions!

As part of the tournament, players have access to the event menu with other dining choices. We will have three dedicated servers, as well, including the two awesome females who assisted us last year. (They still wear their complementary Season’s Beatings shirts proudly, they tell me!)

The Cleveland Kid vs. Pittsburg’s Finest

OmgItzAndre vs. Toi Yet in MvC3 - $50.

Ohio OG Challenge:
Super Turbo: Ghaleon/Harmon vs. cheeseface Immortal/GhettoOnTheRise
Third Strike: Ghaleon/GoyaBoi vs. cheeseface Immortal/GhettoOnTheRise

The co-directors look to prove they have surpassed their longtime rival and national ST contender … and also that Denjin power is greater than top-tier!

Official games: (start times TBD)
Tournament pot split is 70/20/10, Double elimination. This is BYOC, but if you really need someone’s stick you can probably find someone willing to loan you one.

Super Street Fighter IV:Arcade Ed - 2-man WASADA TEAMS (See below)(360) – $20/team entry (noon)
**Mortal Kombat 9 **(PS3) – $10 entry (noon)
Vampire Savior (Arcade) – $5 entry (noon)
**Marvel vs. Capcom 3 **(360) – $10 entry (3 p.m.)
**Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo **(Arcade) – $10 entry (5 p.m.)
**Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Ed HIGH ROLLERS Singles **(360) – $30 (will start following SSFIV Teams - ~6:30 p.m.)
**Marvel vs. Capcom 2 **(DC) – $5 entry (7 p.m.)
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike(PS2) – 2v2 teams - $10/team (7 p.m.)
**Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 **(Format, time TBD)

Side events to be run in BYOConsole area as time/demand allows. The interested players will run them, not tourney staff.
Arcana Heart 3, run by Tiggy

SSFIV:Arcade - default everything
ST - Akuma banned
MvC2 - no game-breaking glitches. Juggs glitch allowed. Winner keeps same order but can switch-glitch
MvC3 - default
MK9 - No Kratos, No Kratos stage or The Street stage. Color blind players default stage is The Courtyard (Day). Everything else is gtg.
VS - default

WASEDA SF4 teams rules:

Round 1 (2/3 round)-
Player A1 plays Player B1 - Outcome Player A1 wins

Round 2 - (2/3 rounds)
Player A2 plays Player B2 - Outcome Player B2 wins

Round 3 - (2/3 rounds, if necessary)
Player A1 plays Player B2 - Outcome: Player A1 wins, Team A moves forward

Note: If player A2 defeated player B2, Team A moves forward without playing Round 3

Possible side tournaments: Xmen vs. Street Fighter (arcade), KOF 2002UM (360), Alpha 2, Alpha 3 (arcade); NBA Jam (arcade)

This is a big place for a regional event, and our area is not physically closed off or constricting players to a small area. Large, free parking lot. Also features billiards, big-screen TVs and darts, ping pong, and a great house draft beer called Amber Fox.

We might have a Japanese-style candy cab and American cab there as well with genuine Capcom CPS2 fighters – no MAME!

Staff Roll:
Chris “Ghaleon” and Harmon “nomrah” – co-directors
Zach “Ailerus” – SF4 director
Jason “Dandy J” - Stream master

Thanks to Matt and his Cleveland-area Console Combat group for providing tons of 360s and ASUS monitors!

Please PM me or Harmon if you have any questions, or get at me on Facebook preferably (Chris Ghaleon). More as our events develop. Please let me know what side games you’d like to see as well help us support the smaller games. Thanks everyone for considering making the trip, it should be a great time!

YES! i love seeing other people bust their A** in the midwest

My first tournament. :heart:
That was back when I carried around my Madcatz SE with pride. Bahahah.
Anyway, Ghaleon and Harmon put good events together, and I love how the communities from across Ohio (Cinci, Cbus, etc.) contribute to it.
Can’t wait for SSII:R .

this was a really good time last year, i’ll try my best to attend again this year. shouldn’t be a problem overall. thanks again for hosting at such a great venue, Chris! :tup:

Im in there!!

Glad to hear people still remember last year :slight_smile: (which seems like forever ago now). Don’t forget Harmon is the second half of the team though, I wouldn’t be hosting anything if it weren’t for him. We actually only remembered how fun it was to run SS during our trip to PowerUp this year, so thanks to the PU2K11 team for the inspiration.

Also I want to reiterate that we have about twice as much space this year, AND the former Smash area will be dedicated to our main games. We have a ton of space and hope we can get as many people there as we can. Please help us spread the word about a great community-driven event. The servers remember us, too, lol, and we got an extra one to be on staff for us this time.

I already had someone inquire about BlazBlue - we have the space for side games, so if you want to run one, get people together for it and can bring hardware please let me know ASAP.

accepting all ping pong/table tennis MMs

We had a blast running it last year so wanted to do it again. Much more space this time around, so we hope to have an even bigger turnout this year.

Remember to pre-reg so you get to munch on those godlike appetizers again!

Fox&Hound’s kitchen will be open as well, right? In case we wanted to down a dozen more of those wings? :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course!

SSFIV high rollers payout will be at least Top 5 – details to come

We’re spreading the word locally and online – looking good. Also if anyone has any cool “event” ideas in any game, let us know and we’ll see if we can work them out.

Maybe the most GODLIKE venue in Ohio. no kidding. love this place. and cant wait for Jam and MK this time. :smiley:

Ah that tournament was so fun last year. Unless something comes up count me in! I’ll pre-reg when I know for sure.

diggin the new forums, but what happened to my avatar?

Down for Erie.

Will try our best to send a couple of guys to this event but it will be tough. We will see what we can do!

In there.

Zach, table tennis challenge accepted.

Cbus is in there. Will the ST cab have japanese or american parts? And will there be psx adapters?

Brian, the cab is American. I think Nick’s got Chris’ PSX converters that we’re hoping he can get working.

For BB, since I don’t really play any of those other games for money I wouldn’t mind setting up CS2(Xbox360) It’d only be one setup unless some other ppl offer to bring some of course.

If you pre-pay by Sunday, June 15, 11:59 p.m.

Confirm the pre-reg date, June 15th is a Wednesday