Lake Erie Summer Slam II: The Revenge - 6/18, Cle, OH - special events/free food!

Just pre-reg’d. The only place I know how to get to in Cleveland is Console Combat so this will be a challenge for me just to show up on time.

NBA JAM was a blow out last year I hope people at least show up with their C games this time LOL

Is anyone willing to put $$ against Barkley/Marley? We are streaming NBA Jam for some big matches, so get in there – John and I are openly challenging all would-be JAMMERS

Just pre-regged a couple secs before 12!

Jam is for dopes. Showtime is where it’s at.

hey anyway, if folks are looking for ST/HDR $ matches i’m probably accepting =)

also, i don’t know if i’m entering the AE team tourney yet. if i do i probably won’t play Vega, working on a different character currently. anyone looking for a partner?

Quoted for muthafuckin truth!

We may throw a CvS2 side tourney in the afternoon if there’s enough interest…let us know!

Harmon and I mapped out our venue, among other details, last night – really looking forward to putting this on again!

Tomorrow is it, get hype! If you need to register onsite, doors open at 11AM.

Bummer news: the PSX converters to use on the machine are still broken, so ST will be played on American parts on my machine. Sorry to those counting on Japanese controls. At worst, by SB I’ll just have to buy new ones

On the BADASS side, WWF Wrestlefest - arcade classic feat. 4-player mayhew - is working. We might do a time-permitted small tourney for that, because it’s literally a button masher and anyone can compete using your favorite dead '80s/'90s wrestler.

And the stream card is working with all my boards besides NBA Jam, so that is COOL.

LOL thats fucked up lolololol

Just wanted to let you know that staff members are going to be playing in tourneys. Let’s not have a repeat of powerup.

Good shit. DandyJ streamage

Had a good time today. It was better than I was expecting for my first tournament ever, glad I was able to get out. After ~5 years of stream monstering I said no more, lol.

I’m salty they used my real full name to call me out to stations, lmao. I guess I’ll make it more clear what I want to be called next time. My only regret is I didn’t get to introduce myself to anyone, I guess I was just nervous. I was the guy with the headphones around my neck and the Ryu shirt on.

Anyways, gg everyone.

P.S If any of yall are near the 44122 area, we should play sometime. I need offline people to play against that are near me since I’m pretty much unable to go to the weekly barfights at McCarthy’s.

Good seeing everyone and GGs. Ping pong was great : )

Grats to Chris, Harmon and all the people who were helping out! And here’s to the nicest waitresses ever; they did a most excellent job.

Yo shoutouts to Andre for being a fucking dick. That shit was uncalled for

Amen to that. Wish i could have that kind of service everywhere. Them ladies had refills before i knew i needed them. GODLIKE.

Also, of course, shout outs to all my homies…Chris and Harmon for putting together another awesome event. I absolutely love this venue! Matt for bringing tons and tons of equipment. That is impressive. Dedication is dedication. EVERYONE who signed up and played MK. Thank you. Frank Biseli. Nuff said. Also thanks to everyone who signed up, played and supported ST, 3s, MvC2 and UMK3. Keeping the GREATNESS alive. Mad props.

He couldn’t be Andre if he didn’t do that, but he got worked by dude in MvC3 so I guess it’s justifyable.

No it isn’t.