Lake Erie Summer Slam II: The Revenge - Results/Shoutouts

Super SFIV:Arcade Teams (16 teams)
1st: Play to Win/Perfect Legend
2nd: Toi Yet/Guiseppe
3rd: Chat/Hnic Mike

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (32 players)
1st: Toi Yet
2nd: OmgItzAndre
3rd: Cheeseface Immortal

Super SFIV: Arcade HIGH ROLLERS ($30 entry- 12 players?)
1st: Perfect Legend
2nd: Playing to W1n
3rd: Toi Yet

Mortal Kombat 9 (28 players?)
1st: Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
2nd: THTB (Reptile)
3rd: M2Dave (Kano)

Super Turbo (14 players?)
1st: Cheeseface Immortal
2nd: RoyBisel
3rd: Ghaleon

UMK3 (6 players)
1st: Rouse
2nd: Sazabi
3rd: Fugee

3rd Strike (9 players)
1st: Ghaleon
2nd: Clem
3rd: Cheeseface Immortal

Marvel (9 players)
1st: VDO
2nd: Ghaleon
3rd: Nash

Vampire Savior (12 players?)
1st: Ailerus
2nd: Dandy J
3rd: GenesisDC

Real-life Ping Pong (12 players)
1st: Ghaleon
2nd: Onizuka
3rd: Fryrish

Tourney was sweet - thanks to the locals and to all the familar out-of-town faces for supporting stuff like this! Harmon and I definitely enjoy putting it together, esp when we get to still play all the old games.

Post up what I missed in results and I’ll throw it on here. Thanks for coming guys! Venue is so nice – we’re trying to see what future events we can run there, with more frequency.

Awesome event dudes… ran nic and smooth. I will be posting a link to the brackets sometime tonight.

SSFIV High Rollers:
1st: Perfect Legend
2nd: Playing to W1n
3rd: Toi Yet

We hope everyone has a good time. We had a ton more space and equipment this year and it was definitely noticeable, we finished with everything way ahead of schedule. Thanks again to Matt, Manny, and the rest of Cleveland Console Combat crew for help with equipment and setup. Stream masters Zach and Jason for holding down the stream station all day. And finally big thanks for all the bracket runners: Andre, Pirin, VDO, Tim Static, Spencer, Frank, and anyone else that helped out with brackets!

Chat/Hnic Mike 3rd in AE teams

Great tournament again guys. Good to see the Ohio/Pittsburg guys again.

Ping pong is still on my mind!

Hope to see everyone again soon : )

Can we get Vampire Savior Online Edition??

Chris and Harmon, you two ran a great event. The food was delicious and the waitresses were very responsive and proactive. However, my experience was fucking terrible.

Ever since I started to announce signups for Arcana Heart 3 (which nobody wants to play, thanks Andre), he went out of his way to be a dick to me, and after that a few other things he said, I was pretty pissed. If I have to deal with this type of behavior from someone because I main a game nobody plays, commentate on games I don’t understand 100% and am therefore viewed as stupid, and because I don’t get someone because I’m ‘asked’ to, then I do not ever want to attend a tournament ever again. I am done.

I wish the best of luck to Chris, Harmon, and any present and future T.O.'s

Cool tourney bro!

Ping Pong was real talk, GGs Chris/Nathan/everyone…I’ did a bit better in that grand finals rematch, might have to hit the lab before the next tourney.

MK9 top 3

  1. Perfect Legend (Kung Lao)
  2. THTB (Reptile)
  3. M2Dave (Kano)

SO’s: Chris and Harmon for putting together another awesome event. I absolutely love this venue! Matt for bringing tons and tons of equipment. That is impressive. Dedication is dedication. EVERYONE who signed up and played MK. Thank you. Frank Biseli. Nuff said. Nathan Shields. Nuff said. Also thanks to everyone who signed up, played and supported ST, 3s, MvC2 and UMK3. Keeping the GREATNESS alive. Mad props.

Chris/Harmon - ty once again for running a really great tourney, certainly had a blast again! that venue is almost perfect as it has lots of room, good food, and the staff is friendly i think. thanks for running arcade ST again, good stuff. please fix the standings =P

Frank - glad you were there man and thx for taking turns sharing the 2p side with me. i actually did learn something in that Vega/Balrog matchup i think, hopefully it will pan out for me in the future.

Jake - glad you came too of course, and Guiseppe too. haha. but anyway glad you showed me a thing or two that is new to me, i will slowly continue learning i suppose =)

Chris again… you are fraaaay to my ex-sbk tactics in 3S. lol

Ghaleon is a hustler in the ping pong scene… his unique way of handling the paddle and them spin shots… GG though

-Ghaleon&Harmon, thanks for running such an awesome tournament for the second year in a row.
-Tim Static, it was awesome seeing you again, brother. Shoutouts to you for bodying me free in WWE All-Stars and UMK3.
-Perfect Legend, shoutouts to you breaking into song and dance. That shit was godlike.
-Console Combat crew, I love all you guys. Badass Wendy’s trip.
-Cincinnati guys, always a blast seeing you guys. Ailerus, Orisun, etc.
-Dandy J, thanks for the stream, and GGs in Marvel.

  • PA guys, esp. Toiyet and Guiseppe. You guys are always cool. Sad I didn’t get to play any of you guys =( Maybe next time.
  • Indiana dudes. Awesome of you guys to come out and rep in MvC3 and ST.
  • VDO, I never actually met you in person, but your MvC2 playing is almost like an art.
    -Tiggy, I give you all grounds to beat the everliving fuck out of Andre.
    -THTB, my brother. We trolled with Oni and returned triumphant with a side of salt. xD
  • Pirin. I don’t know what to say to you that I haven’t already said behind your back. Lmfao. j/k

And most of all, shoutouts to you guys who laughed at me doing a Raging Demon for no reason in a tournament match. A-holes. Haha. :heart:

Anyone I missed, I’m sorry. But Blacktastic loves you. :slight_smile:

If any of you guys want to get it on in MvC3, MK9 or SSFIV (or just want to keep in touch), my Xbox Gamertag is Unreal EnTiTy 0

I try to keep these short nowadays – thanks to Chris, Harmon, Matt, Andre, Tim, Pirin, Rob, Frank, Nathan, Jason, and everyone who helped out with stuff, I’m sure I’m forgetting people. This was my first time streaming an actual event and despite the spotty signal and low viewer count, I got a lot of experience and have a solid handle on what I can improve on in the future. My only bummer is that I did not get to play any MK9!

For anyone who wants to see them, I’ll have WF/LF/GF for sf4 teams and singles, mvc3 and 3s, as well as Andre and Jake’s mm uploaded on my youtube this week.

No drama in the thread please but anyone is free to talk to me or Harmon about whatever happened. In fact why no one mentioned anything to either of us is a mystery to me. In the future if you guys have any problems at tourneys, DO NOT wait to talk online, talk to someone in charge to get it taken care of ASAP. Not just for our tournies but any.

Hyper shoutouts btw to everyone who ran brackets and/or side games (Osirun, Ailerus, Tiggy, Tim Static, Pirin, Andre, Rouses, Juan). I really love how many people we have in the scene regionally who have wanted to be more apart of tournaments and are doing such a great job at it.

HUGE thanks to Matt (Play to Win) and what he built up here in Cleveland. His generosity and equipment was a huge part of this tournament and we are incredibly lucky to be able to work with him.

AND to Jason - Dandy J - for manning the stream alllllllllday.

Thanks to Andre/Jake for a really awesome MvC3 event, and congrats to ALL winners, whether they won $2 or $200.

PING PONG is gdlk. I’m so happy Zach thought to put that together and run it, it was soooo much fun. You guys are great comp. Ping Pong at SB, MMs?

Didn’t someone record those matches? POST UP. I’ve never seen myself play on video but someone told me once I look like a ninja LOL

Also, Jason, feel free to post in this thread when you update your YouTube channels. I’m sure people will be really interested in the MvC3 and SF4 stuff. And I want to see that round of 3s GF where I killed Brent with a Bonesaw.

And who got 2nd/3rd in Savior??

And sorry to disrespect Brent – he won ST, not Frank. Results changed.

Also, feel free anybody to let us know what you thought of the SF4 team tourney as A: the main tournament instead of singles, and B: SAWADA style

couple of our friends got video recoreded and streamed through the phone. I can talk to him and see if he can get it up. The grand final was on his phone.

In Savior Dandy J got second and I (GenesisDC) got third.

Didn’t Fryrish get third in ping pong? I looked at the brackets while I was there but didn’t remember exactly.

Despite me being very irritated due to one hour of sleep and Phoenix after Phoenix, it was an amazing event. Most fun I’ve had in a while. Carl dancing to Beyonce was the best part though.

Shout outs to Tiggy for reppin’ Loli Fighter 3, I still think that’s the best game out right now even though I don’t have anyone to play against.

here’s that video of Ping Pong Grand Final. Sorry it’s kinda grainy, since it was recorded through Android Phone on my friend’s phone

Vids going up:

Chris I’m gonna pm you later for names on the 3s vids once these are done.