Lake Erie Summer Slam -- Results/Shoutouts/Afterhype -- Cleveland, June 26, 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 (60 players)
1.) Wolfkrone
2.) Carl "Perfect Legend"
3.) Jake "Toi Yet"
4.) Josh "Dark Raven"
5.) Brent "cheezface Immortal/Vega"
5.) Chat Thunder
7.) ShinLad
7.) Zack “Katamari”

Street Fighter II: HDR (16 players)
1.) Brent "cheezface Immortal/Vega"
2.) Brian "Pimp Sir Richard"
3.) Clem “Deadpool135”

Arcade NBA Jam (16 teams)
1.) Chris “Ghaleon” / John "Nash/sflegend"
2.) C-bus Tony / Nick "Lucky Day"
3.) Jason “Dandy J” / Brian "Pimp Sir Richard"
3.) Darren / Admiral Beeyotch

Tekken 6 (15 players)
1.) John "Nash/sflegend"
2.) Troy "Sakura Hotdogs"
3.) Ed “Sazabi/50 yen”

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (10 players)
1.) Jake "Toi Yet"
2.) Alan "MvC2Fanatic"
3.) John “Nash/sflegend”

Arcade Super SF2 Turbo (8 players)
1.) Brent "cheezface Immortal/Vega"
2.) Chris "Ghaleon"
3.) Clem “Deadpool135”

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (8 players)
1.) Chris "Ghaleon"
2.) Marques "Professor Rouse"
3.) Ed “Sazabi/50 yen”

Super SF4 Teams (22 teams)
1.) Jake “Toi Yet” / ShinLad
2.) Wolfkrone / Chat Thunder
3.) Parry All / FenGuard

Smash Bros. Brawl
1: King Beef ($93.50)
2: Blue Rogue ($51.00)
3: Pops ($25.50)
4: Jiffy
5: Sole
5: Links24

1: CANTON!!!(Blue & Jiffy) ($55.00)
2: SPAM!!!(Sole & Links) ($30.00)
3: Cinderela and the masked Rat(KB & King) ($15.00)
4: Team asian
5: The Furious Furries

Everything that was on the screen was recorded and will be made available soon – that includes SSF4, Marvel, SF2:HDR, UMK3 and even some NBA Jam.

Shouts later – thanks so much everyone for coming, Harmon and I had a lot of fun running it. Fox&Hound is baby Momos.

btw since many people asked – we love the venue, they loved us, and we will think about doing another in Sept. possibly (between C-bus Bar Battles 3 and Season’s Beatings 5)

32 people for NBA jam, nice. I take it Malone/Stockton won it. Good job Brent and Clem in HDR.

Thanks Ghaleon and Harmon for running the event. Thanks to Fox and Hound for hosting us, and thanks to everyone for coming out. Special thanks to the waitresses for being incredible.

FYI ParryAll’s teammate was FenGuard.


Ghaleon and Harmon- Thanks for letting me run brackets. I will help you in any event you host. You guys are great, and I know it’s hard work to organize a tourney, so I have a lot of respect for the both of you. Props on picking an awesome venue again, and I totally agree with the baby momo’s part.

Ghaleon #2: GGs in ping pong sir. You are a worthy adversary and I hope that we can run it back soon.

Columbus: Brent, thanks for running the stream. Sorry that the internet at the place sucked, but hopefully we can get that fixed for next time. Tony and J- get hype for that friday before Rocket Punch. GGs to LuckyDay in ping pong as well. Good seeing everyone come out. Daigo/Nuki USA!

Indiana: Brent/Dave, always a pleasure seeing you guys. Sorry you couldn’t get drunk Dave. :frowning:

Cincinnati: Nick, you played real well in singles and in teams, carrying me while I did brackets. Sorry I messed up against DarkRaven :(. The wheel kick was because I panicked. Also Derek/Lindsey, good stuff in teams.


Pittsburgh- Good shit to everyone that showed up. Toi-Yet especially, good shit in marvel and ssf4/ssf4 teams (with ShinLad).

Wolfkrone: Congrats again, hope you do well at EVO. Keep playing those chairsies.

ChatThunder: Good seeing you man, we will see you at columbus bar battles. Don’t retire!!!

To finish, I’d like to see where teams rules says best 2 out of 3 matches for everyone that was trying to tell me otherwise–every team tournament i’ve ever been in was run like that. In any case, sorry to anyone who wasn’t clear on that!

Hopefully Cleveland will have another event soon!

Nah, Ghaleon and John were up, no joke 24-0 at half of grand finals, using Portland VERSUS UTAH lol

<----------we’re not tier whores we play with heart (lies)

Thanks for everyone who came out to support and hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves.

Shoutouts later, still recovering from the madness :slight_smile:


Ok shoutout time.

First thanks to everyone that came out. When Chris and I started this we weren’t sure what kind of support would we get since the last big Cleveland tourney was 5 years ago (and actually the organizer of that event made a guest appearance, GS to Turn Waster for showing up :cool:). The turnout easily doubled our initial expectations. So thanks for the support, I walked around and talked to as many people as I could and from what I could gather, everyone was having a good time and loved the venue. We had a lot of fun running this tournament. Please don’t hesitate to post up any suggestions, Chris and I are definitely considering doing this again in Cleveland.

Thanks to everyone that helped with brackets - King, Keist, John, Carl, and ESPECIALLY Zach for holdin it down and running SSF4 ALL DAY.

Thanks to Dan (smak runner 2k) our sponsor from Venom Energy Drinks, for providing us with so many goodies to give away. I know Big Chris had a lot of fun with that TO cutout lol, Iron Man and War Machine? Thanks again Dan and good stuff in SSF4 and HDr.

Thanks to C-Bus Brent for streaming the event, hope you enjoyed the stream area we setup for you.

Marvel Heads - allllwaays bringing the HYPE! World’s Fastest Wavedash? LOL. Toi Yet, nice meeting you, you a beast in Marvel. Good shit to my boys Alan and John for placing, and to Linwood for puttin in WORK at Marvel.

Good seeing the usual C-bus and Cinci crews.

Dave Ghettoontherise - Stay Thirsty My Friend, I swear either you drank just one beer the entire time or you had about 20. All I know is, whenever I saw you, you had a beer in hand, good shit.

Brent/Clem/Spencer - glad Indy could come out. Wish I could’ve gotten in more HDr/ST with you guys.

NBA Jam was serious! We’ll definitely be running that one again.

Cleveland WSMS Division - For a lot of you this was your first tourney, hope it was everything you expected. I know you guys are hungry. I saw a couple of you did decent in SSF4, let’s keep it up.

Josh (Dark Raven), Crystal & fam. Thanks for making the trek out, I believe you guys win for furtherest distance traveled (Tennessee). Hope you guys had fun and I think I delivered what I promised to you, AC and chairs, right Crystal? :wonder:

Shoutouts to everyone I didn’t mention above. Hope you had fun and thanks again for the support.

  • Harmon

nash that av is serious hopefully next time we play you will have a better pad so im not barreling you, Bet it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah fuck Utah. Sir Charles is my personal fav but since Porter is a better teammate than Dan Majerle we go with Clyde the Glide.

Also hit me up if I owe you a dollar for Wrestlefest – the 3P harness died or something right as the tourney was finally starting, and I didn’t end up having time later to fix it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was good experience for us to run some cab tournies to see what kind of shit we’ll need to prepare for at Season’s Beatings.

Dandy J needs to post here Page 1 so everyone can see that av – RH infinite Smoke is stealing from Rain – too nice

jinmaster presents summer scam see you at the airport!

Great job on the tourney, guys! Everything went real smooth, outside of mk troubles which was partially my fault. Thanks to Chris, Harmon, Brent, Nash, Keist, and others who ran brackets, especially to Zach for holding sf4 down, consider yourself ‘on call’ for any future stuff, haha. Venue was the bomb and the service was phenomenal. Only issue was some internet troubles, maybe that can be sorted out for next time. As always, big thanks to the best stream man in the universe, Brent fucking Harris.

GGs to all I played, sorry I didn’t run ngbc or 2k2 if anyone was interested, by the time umk got sorted, most people had cleared out. Thanks to all the umk heads that tuned in to the stream! You guys are the shit. Anyone reading this who didn’t come out, you definitely missed out on some good shit and I would recommend making it to the next one, I’m sure it’ll be even better!

that shit needs to be a thread title, if only to annoy brent hahaha

haha thx, gotta rep the Male Ninja Roundhouse!

Here’s an idea on layout at a future event, if anyone can visualize it:

“just cut the sections off horizontally, have smash in the back art of the room, SF in the middle with a slightly wider gap of space, and Tekken toward the entrance; and only have the tables set up vertically in the center part like you had it this last time”

Yeah we will just run Mortal on 360 probably – I know Fugee plays pad and is used to the 360 now, so pad players can adapt it seems, and if you play UMK3 you really should get used to it (and get something mapped for 360 if you, like me, need a special pad or stick) since it’s the easiest way to run an MK tourney. Nash and Harmon came up with the idea that you can switch the button mapping of your TE stick because they’re quick disconnects, to get around the “no button mapping” thing in-game if you play stick.

edit: and yes John and Brent, I remembered that Harmon, perhaps simultaneously, also invented this idea for UMK3.

lol now its harmon and nash with the idea!? haha i used that idea when we played worked great

:sad: All I know…is that I am MAJOR SAD FACES, not being able to make it to this tourney. :sad:

…hopefully I can make the next one. :tup:

By at least next June i will acquire whatever i need to make using MAME a non problem. I will be talking to Matt, Phil and “Ed Boon” about getting a set up just like they had @ ECT2. (sure 360 is easier but its still a mediocre port, plus no button config :mad: )

With that being said, we need to figure out how we are going stream UMK3 @ SB5.

yea im getting my stick modded and i thought i might have it hooked up so i have my preferred layout in mk. great minds think alike what can i say

hanging camera mounted from the top of the cab

Tim, can you link me to some info about 360 being a bad port? It seems pretty solid to me but I don’t know the game deep

Regarding streaming cabs, I have a video-out device that I need to wire into my cab – maybe by Oct. I can have someone make me the same thing but on a JAMMA passthrough board (which could be swapped between machines easily – you can buy one online but it’s $250 – costs like $50 to make yourself!)

Or Jason’s idea, haha

First off, Shout out to the wing dings, they was fuckin good.

Ghaleon - That was a really nice venue, I liked it a lot, hold more tournies in Cleveland, its closer to MI, lol

Ailerus - good seeing you again! really nice guy.

Pittsburg - Rematch at C-Bus bar battle 3! But good stuff anywho.

Everybody that I played in SSF, good games all, even tho I was salty at the end of teams. it was really fun playing.

Hey, Clem here. Best venue I?ve ever stepped foot in, had a great time. I?m pretty mad at myself though for that little HDR hiccup, and I?m sure many will find my stupidity very funny. So apparently everybody except me knows to check whether or not the TE sticks are set to the right analog or digital d-pad setting or whatever that is? Guess it could have been worse though, luckily it only occurred against two of my opponents. Well anyways?that won?t be happening again, but I?m sure that another opportunity will arise where I can make a fool of myself again in the future. I?m sure it looked pretty funny to the spectators though, looking like I was just intentionally walking into fireballs and claws the whole time on the big screen. Didn?t say anything during the matches though cause I thought that having just played Super Turbo before playing HDR was the cause of my problems. Whatever though, there’s always next time.

PimpSirRichard ? Nice meeting you. If you are reading this feel free to send me a friends request on xbox if you wish. Maybe then we can get some better matches in, I do hop HDR on every now and again.

Ghaleon ? Fun matches in Super Turbo, such a good game… I don’t even care if it’s not in my favor, but damn Old Sagat is just so much more interesting to watch and/or play against in that game. And you have that reversal timing down pat man, and that ain’t easy to do. It?s about that time for ST to make its grand comeback here in the states, there’s just no more excitement left in HDR anymore. We definitely need to play more in the future. Perhaps I?ll see you at the next Indy tournament whenever that will be or at the next Lake Erie Summer Slam.

Oh shit, I apologize for getting your name wrong, I ‘corrected’ Brent a couple times because I thought it was ‘Chad’ instead of ‘Chat’.

talk to Matt about it. It stops inputs, etc. Its kinda like HDr on the PS3. enter Roy Bisel lol

But if things follow through on UMK3 @ SB5, we have to make sure the matches…ALL OF THEM, casuals too…are archived at the best and with the highest quality possible.