Lake Jackson / Angleton TX area


Looking to find anyone in this area that still plays fighting games at a competitive
level or just for fun. I’m very intetested in some versus matches.
I’ll play anything mvc, SF, soul calibur, tekken, etc.
Please reply here if interested or message me zoddo13 on xbox live.


one person is better than 0 lol.

I live in Quintana, which is basically Freeport and would like to play competative players in the area if possible
my Xbox gamertag is Suariswarm, i basicly just play mvc3 and ssf4, though i dont mind playing DOA casually.


I live in San Angelo Texas and play SSF4AE. Hit me up if you want to run some good games.


With umvc out and many more games on the horizon I figured id make a new post. If anyone in the surrounding area wants to play some games new or old please let me know.

Xbox live and ps network: zoddo13


Been 3 years lol figure I’ll try to find some players again. I know Houston is close and that’s great but I’m looking for some locals to hang out and play. All my contact info from the previous post is the same. Hit me up if interested. Update: It’s up to 4 years now, still patiently waiting.