Lake jackson thread

if u live in lj or know where it is or have played ther or wanna make fun of it post here lol

I dunno about LJ but that avatar needs some work :lol:

lol i know i made it in 5 min

ill work on it just for u lol

:lol: ok great!! :smiley:

LJ is the shit! lol sure :rolleyes:
The level of comp is so shitty. About 95% of the people i play are easier than the computer. Wtf is up with that? Its a shame our tilt cant get another game in. We have 2 MVC2 machines, we just got in another one in. Its so pitful sigh. The arcade manager said he was gonna try to get SC2 in, so thats something to look forward. I doubt anyone from LJ posts here besides Project Zig. If you guys do tho (Doug, Jeremy, Ryan, Joey) go ahead and post. Im out

well lj the day of reconing is here the chucky cheeses in our mall is allmost compleate that means all the little kids who used to fund tilt will have some other place to play this could do 1 of 2 things
force tilt to pull it’s head out of its ass and get some decent fukin games …

or go down like a cheeleader on prom night
so keep your fingers crossed guys

Yea, lets hope those sobs wake up and send some quality games down here. Thats retarded they moved Tekken 4 away. sigh lets hope joey can get SC2, CVS2, 3S, ANY decent fighting game in besides another mvc2. When he told me he got another one in i was like “WTF!!” I mean i love the game as much as the other guy, but jesus, we dont need two of em. I really hope Tilt wakes up and attempts to make that arcade worth a damn.

Yeh, its really funny about the competition down here. Nobody knows anything, and the people that do know things haven’t improved their game in like 2 years…so poeple who used to spank our asses get raped (-cough- david moon -cough-). Yeh we have a few badasses down here tho, mostly Doug. He whoops ass…then there’s Andjita…wow between the 2, nobody else wins. But its ok, I mean when we can we go to Stargate (prolly will today) and get our asses stomped. Aight well that was a little about “game life”, so I’m out. Pzig forever bitch :smiley:

you guys should have came last night. i was there and nobody else was there except Ivan. :fury: :frowning:

Well i dont know if anyone from LJ actually reads this besides us in PZ, but theres a mvc2 tourney (our first one) this saturday. No apex points or anything, but whatever, im glad we are having a tourney finally. Dunno what the rules are or anything but im assuming 2/3 and so forth. Best of luck to all the LJ players.

Vinnyman: Sorry we didnt go yo, i guess we got sidetracked. Doesnt matter tho, you would have kicked our asses lol. Maybe next time man, i’d love to get to know you and play some games with ya. Peace

just came back from our 1st mvc2 tourney. It was alright, would have been quicker if that dude hadnt gone to EB :rolleyes: but whatever it was enjoyable. Congrats to all the guys.

how many poeple entered the tourny. Im quessing 3 but i might be wrong.

AkumaTx: About 8 or so i guess

u know i woulda smoked u all if i didnt have "previous plans"
no but congrats for all who placed and be warned newbie slayer is on the loose

P-zig forever ASS … needed a change from bich any way PEACE

Newbie Slayer is an alright team, but your gonna need to get better with it before you can beat me :lol:

yea i know but hey its newbie slayer not andrew slayer lol well it beats ryan so whatever lol

haha whatever you say man. Wow the threads gone to two pages. Im shocked :lol:

hell yea drew our aimless babbleing has taken up two pages Horray


Hey Hey!

Well…I havent played many fighting games…I played some Virtua Fighter 4 and I once got addictied to Soul Calibur 2 with my cousin, but that was about it.

I want to get into it I think though, I mean I have a bunch of friends here in Lake Jackson (we ARE on the map…take a look) who play fighters and stuff.

Anyway…I gotta run got stuff to I think…or something…Ciao.

“La Vie Boheme”


P.S. Lake Jackson owns! :cool:

yea jordy fianlly got off his ass and posted he’s been sayin he wold for months

p.s. all u bastards who still havent posted from lj im commin to get ya

P-zig 4evaa Bich