Lakewood CA Players?

any players in or around Lakewood im looking for a SFV training partner/teacher

Im in Lakewood, we do some sessions sometimes in the area, but nothing on the regular. We do a lot of night time Battle Lobbies together though, hit me up and we can get you in on one (PS4 with voice chat preferred)

Awesome bro, I’m on pc and ps4, what’s your fighter Id?

PS4: WillySRK is my PSN name, PlmpWilly (note its P-L-M-P) is my CFN.


I’m in the area. Hit me if you wanna run casuals. Some friends and I have a weekly thing.

I’m looking for some casuals/training too, i think my cfn is imaperson2, steam is iaperson i play pc

Lakewood area as well, cfn is chocolate. I’m on PC but have access to discord for voice chat.

Any casuals going on anywhere? I prefer to play offline but online is cool too. CFN: jdeez42 PC: jdeez528

I live close by Lakewood. Still remember thursday nights at round one. Sad SFV isn’t im arcades

My psn is SciFiLB and FighterID is AliasLane. HMU for spme matches. Also im throwing a tournament in Downtown LongBeach in January. Im thinking of putting together sometype of carpool situation for players without cars, either way i think the 112 and 111 busse that stop in front of the mall will take you to LB without a transfer. I had to take that bus to school when i lived in Lakewood a few years ago…long story i know

Do you guys still play? I would be interested to play. Im not in lakewood but nearby city of La Mirada to be exact.

I havent played SFV in a few months sadly, but I’ve been looking to get back into the scene

im in lakewood, i mostly play anime fighting games like guilty gear and blazblue.