<---Lalo's- New avatar style request Thread-->

well here are a few examples of the new style im working with:
Regular Size:



Premium Size:



.No teams
.Please post the sprite you want
.Be Patient
.I will try to edit the colors to yur liking

Well with that being said, lets get this going.
and all pick-ups will be on the first Page
bbq sauce:



I want it to be a parody of the new Nike commercial with Kobe Bryant. I want it to be in black and white with Sean shooting at the basket. I think the picture of the court is a little rough too, so watch out for that. Put the words, “Love me or hate me” on it too. Thanks alot in advance.

this isnt a request anything thread, its only for that type of style.

If you want to request this from lalo, you should have pm’ed him. He’s a cool guy so he ussually takes all request, but its offtopic to post it here.

Okay, I’m sorry. Forget about the request.

yo hook me up i like the style of kens here is kyos just get the frame where he has jacket over his shoulder. thanx in advance :wgrin:


Ooh I’d love one :O!

Give me a second to get the sprite~

Cool style -Lalo-. What you call it?

Wow I like the whole sliding neon look

Can I have one with Akuma in it? Color theme in green as the exact neon green in the rep bar

Here i attach a pic

Also can you make the chinese letter on back of Akuma to the same green as well?

Thank you thank you thank you thank you

Oooh I like the style.
Picture: http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/5739/galfordstanceleft9jw.gif
Color theme: I really like your Commando one as well as the blue on galford so I guess blue :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance
(if you don’t mind I’ll be using it on more than one message board)

The link isnt working dude

are you sure i can see it perfectly:sweat:

err… i see a red x as well

<— This is hot, thanks much… wow I like it a lot

these look nice. can i get one?


orange/red please

request. Can I get a Blue/Black background with this Yang

But if you can, can I get the sprite with his hands in his pockets, and if not a problem, could I get one that says PR3MI3R-MD and one that says Blackstar14 since those are my two handles

damn lalo this shit is real good
i wish i woulda gotten a tip from you about this thread b4 requesting my awesome che avatar
hey man ill get one from ya in like 2 weeks though


That is Amazing!
Thanks a million.
And btw what do you call this new style?

Spirograph Reborn~

There you go~

Use shades of green plz~

can you see it now? white n black bg plz


Pick-ups ready


Thanks Lalo, your skills have shot through the roof man.