Lambda anti air combos in cs2?


Did they change or something? I tried the ones posted on dustloop, but they don’t work. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong I dont know.


Well, first, make sure you’re playing “CS2” - if you’re just getting into the game and haven’t gotten the free patches from PSN/XBL, then you’re playing an out of date version and up-to-date combos won’t work. Your “version” number should be 1.03 on Xbox or I believe 1.04 on PS3. A good way to test this is to go to training mode, pick Tsubaki, and push and hold D (all by itself, no directions.). If the charging animation stops after about 2 seconds, you’re on the up-to-date version, if not, your version is old and you need to get your updates.

After that, well, you’re going to have to tell us what combos you are trying and how they are failing. Or you could ask the same question on Dustloop, but PLEASE verify your version first.


its updated already.


The two I was trying are

6A 2C j.C j.2C (Land) 2DD > D Aerial Combo
6A (CH) dash 3C 214A delay 5C(xN) 6C 236C 6DD 2DD > D Aerial Combo


Okay. Where do the combos fail and how?


The 2nd one after I do 6a she won’t dash before the 3c.
The 1st one I’m having trouble with the j.c j.2c landing. its like the opponent doesn’t land in the right place or something.


If you’re not getting the dash, you are inputting it too early. Try doing it a hair later.
If you’re missing the j.c j.2c, then you’re probably not hitting with the 2C at the right place. Is this combo similar to any of the ones done in challenge mode? If so, maybe watch the appropriate challenge demonstration and check the timing.


For 1. your probably hitting the opponent too high, not falling fast enough, or jumping forward, I believe it has to be a 8j not 9j. Go on youtube and look for it being done, Jourdal or Pktazn1213 should have videos archived they usually put descriptions with character names so filter for “Lambda” or “A-11”

Also for 2. I’m sure you can get more damage by doing 6A(CH)>66>3C>214A>xx>5C(8x)>6c>236c>66>5c(8x)>6C>236C>add D ender here(if against the wall you need to dash out of the corner, and with proper height you can go for 4B(1st hit whiff) or 2C if they’re too low for 4B whiff.