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Anyway. Am I the only one thinking Lambda really shrunk since CT? After my neutral D, the only follow up is to connect with QCF+B, which puts me in an awkward range I don’t wanna be at. But She still sucks as much at close range. Ragna just kills me, even if he didn’t outprioritise everything, I’m just too slow.

I understand that she needed to be balanced. I’m not fanboy enough to think that the chars. I happen to use are “fine”. But my options seem really limited. And I wish to god that QCF+A went through characters. People hitting randomly nail me. I mean, it’s a fixed range come on. It’s not like I could move around and stop on a dime.



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5D (CH) connects to 236C for massive damage.
If 5D connects, but doesn’t CH, you can do 5DD > 236B > (RC) > 5DD > 236C > (Dash) > 2DD > (sjc) > j.DD > j.214D~C > j.2DD > j.214D


A good character but many moves leave this character open, though unlike some other characters has a good reversal.


Lambda got what she deserved, and I’ll be damned if she isn’t a lot more fun than she used to be. Been playing pretty much only her since CS came out, she’s so fun.

She is so mobile that she has no issues moving in and out of close range, and 6dd > 4dd > 236b (omit 4dd if it hits standing) is fine since it pushes them back towards their corner, which is where you want them to be. Her CQC has been able to tussle with the best of the cast since CT - 2A is okay, she has a decent overhead in 4B, her 2B and 6A are great, and 2C/3C are both solid in blockstrings without talking about TK feints. 214A/B/C is a reliable reversal if you can avoid them baiting it (it’s got short range and is massively unsafe in whiff) and Calamity Saber is as good a reversal as it used to be.

Her corner damage is so great when considering how good she is at neutral (4k+ meterless and you stay in the corner, with her at the right range for TK saber/dash in 4B/3C/dash in grab mixup after a standard finisher) that having her strings push the opponent into their corner instead of leading into oki (5dd 4dd 236d was…dumb) is fine with me.

Thing is, she’s definitely viable. Watch vids of good Lambdas, most of them will fight at close range some of the time and fly around the screen zoning the rest. She’s definitely worse than a lot of people at close-range, but she’s not useless.


236B is a free zoning reset any time you’re out of the corner, and is well, basically completely safe on block. Hell, 236C is as well with only a handful of things that can punish a backdash. (another 236C, Tsubaki’s shield charge, maybe Ice Car, that sort of thing, and sometimes Hakumen’s 4C or Tager’s…5A of all things I think.)

236A is mostly useful as a mixup when they expect 236B. Basically everybody who knows how to block (there are a surprising number that don’t online) will low block when they see you “teleport” after a 5DD so you get a free throw attempt-it can be canceled into a throw in the last few frames by the way, whereas the recovery before being able to throw out a move for a crossup would make teleporting through people pretty meh. The problem with being able to teleport through people in CT was that it got you too much screen positioning for free.


Lambda was never in CT.

Lambda was never in CT.


There’s some character in the programming for the game referenced as “NEW” and “ny” that for whatever reason is displayed as “?-13-” or “?-11-” and has voiceclips that either say “Nyu” or, well, “Rambda” and two different portraits, but it’s sure as hell a single entity.

But hey, next time you can talk about how Eddie and Faust weren’t in the original Guilty Gear!


236C is far from safe. It’s only -4, but you’ll typically get jabbed out of it or IBed.


Yeah it looks like I didn’t find anyone smart enough to consistently punish it yet in a lot matchups. Jeez, it’s a level 5 so it’s like -9 on IB which means it can usually be hit by a 5B.

If they’re uncertain enough whether it’s going to be a B or a C at closer ranges they can’t really IB it, but eh.


I can’t complain because I think the new Nu portrait is really great.

And I like playing Lambda more than I did Nu (though I do miss the old pulsr… so good).

The only point I will interject is that her “good reversal”, I think, is only say, mediocre. It has great invincibility frames and sets up for great damage, but along with the short range and such that was mentioned before, I think the part that really hurts is the fact it works off of a refilling gauge (like what, 12 seconds per use?).

It’s viable in a lot fewer situations due to that. You only got one chance to get them off of you with it, so might as well make it count.

Granted, lots of players in the West are totally free, so it can actually be used quite a bit successfully, which forms terrible habits…


Isn’t Unlimited Lambda11= CT Nu13? I plan to unlock at least this Unlimited character but would like some tips on beating Score Attack with her @_@


Unlimited Lambda is called Nu-13, however, there are still quite a few differences from CT Nu or CS Lambda.
First, like Unlimited Nu from CT, she shoots two swords for each D. They cover about the same range as they did in CT, and they move just as fast (maybe even faster). She retains her old pulsr (the one that works off of hit confirms) while ALSO having Lambda’s command pulsrs (empty, trip, cavalier). In addition, the command pulsrs are made to be able to revolver action (A > B > C) if linked right.
Her 236D spinning blade is the CT version, and is a low (which really fucks up Unlimited Tager’s approach options), her 236236D distortion drive fires off like twice as many swords, while the 632146D distortion drive causes like 4~ swords to slam down, just like unlimited Nu in CT.
Oh yeah, and her 236A pulsr is no longer empty, but automatically command grabs at the end of the dash. This does mean that it’s no longer possible to empty pulsr and cancel into her astral finish.
Her 214D special (spike chaser) is automatically charged, so it always covers full screen and is quite tall.
Nu-13 (CS) has no bar controlling when she can use gravity field but she retains all the additional invincibility frames it gained in CS for Lambda.
More or less, Nu-13 in CS is a combination of Nu-13 CT and Lambda-11 and then also hyped up on crack and drugs.
There are more differences, but those are the most striking ones. Something to note though, her 5CxN normal, unlike Nu-13CT, will still not automatically account for crossovers (it won’t turn around automatically), so that move’s still pretty nerfed in comparison to the CT version.

As for tips for beating Score Attack… I can only say good luck. cough The trick from the last game is still around though, so if you can hook up a second controller, you can interrupt the game as you’re losing with a versus challenge, and it’ll reset the match you were on back to the start. But that’s really the only thing. Otherwise, Score attack is sort of just a puzzle game in figuring out what the CPU is designed to fall for and exploiting that for the entire match.


Almost, CS Nu = CT unlimited Nu with CS moves added.


214D, if CPU jumps… 6DD -> hit confirm -> 4DD -> air combo that ends with 214D, rinse repeat.

Against Haku, Haza CPU your ‘Get the hell out move’ is 214A (go for a combo after this), if you get hit by Haku just burst otherwise you risking eating a 8k combo.

Against Rachel do 236C then combo.