Lame guile to beat?

hey guys…if i play vs guile mostly its

1.turtle->sonic boom…if i come near->flashkick…
ok,with some timing,i can beat this shitty tactic

but then they do slow sonic boom and jump in imediatly…so i decided,to jump towards them (attack is the best defence :arazz: )

but the sickest is,when they sonic boom_>jump towards u and air grab u…wtf?!how can i beat that? i tried j+lk…but doesnt work.

plz gimme some tips

thx m8s

Stop jumping in.

I always have such a rough time with tactiks. =/

If you can’t beat this shitty tactic then you’re really gonna hate the good ones.

“when they sonic boom_>jump towards u and air grab u.” - yup I do this too, it’s good.
You can srk, which has some invincibility frames (although I’m not sure if Sakura’s srk is good for this) so it won’t get hit by the SB and you’ll knock them out of the air, or you can jump and hit pretty much any attack before he air throws, or you can block the SB and NOT jump then see what happens and react accordingly, or you can neutral jump over SB and j.rh, etc. That’s the fun part of the game, figuring out what you can do to beat what your opponent is doing.

If you know he’s gonna FK when you get near then you already have pretty much won, what’s the problem? Block and punish. Also, Sakura’s j.rh is nice, especially against Guile. It’s hard to c.hp and FK trades often unless you time it well. I would try some not so obvious jump ins with that. I know hurricane kick is good against booms, I don’t know if Sakura’s version works the same but I say try it. It seems like when he does something you have one way of reacting and it’s not working for you so you’re asking for help. Just try doing something else.

  • tactik throws ownz

Use focus attacks to go through sonic booms and into their faces :3

blocking is also amazing.

If you’re far away enough from him, focus attack the sonic boom and dash forward (or backward, depending on how you feel the match is going)

If all they do is flashkick when you’re near, they are awful and honestly you shouldn’t be being beat by this. Just get close to them, and block. If they flashkick like you say, that’s a free combo which for Sak is like 3 because that means you’re getting the mixup started.

If you’re worried about him throwing a sonic boom and then him jumping in, you have several options:

  1. Block. Block everything. It’s very obvious jump bait, which is why they air throw you. Block the sonic boom, odds are he won’t have done a jumping attack (he was looking for an airthrow). Blocking the sonic boom gets him in, but this is easily fixable. Don’t get caught in any combos, and don’t get thrown. He might want to get for a ground throw since he missed the air throw.

  2. Focus attack the sonic boom, dash back. This is the riskiest option, as he can easily notice you focus attacked and sweep. Honestly, it’s an option that I would never do cause it’s pretty awful.

  3. EX Shouken. It has invincibility frames, so it’ll go through the boom. It’s unreliable on hitting midair guile though. You might go threw the boom, but miss guile. This is still sort of in your favor, EX shouken goes pretty far and odds are by the time guile lands/can react you’ll be safe enough to block. Don’t quote me on this.

  4. Get hit. Get raped by X combo, lose the round.

Option 4 is the shit in my opinion.

^ Yeah. Walk and block sonic booms until he’s cornered. Be sure to anti-air him when he panic jumps.

For these types of Guiles specifically, get close to him and do nothing more often than not. Walk up to about flash kick or sweep range, then crouch block. Then stand up and walk forward or back and sit down again. Use it to test their nerves and see how twitchy their trigger finger is. Mix in a healthy amount of overhead and cr. mk, sometimes dash throw, and be ready to cr. hp if he jumps.

Don’t forget about straight jumping sonic booms. That way, you don’t have to jump into an air throw, and you don’t have to give up space by jumping back. Just be careful not to fall on top of them.

Just block the sonic boom. If he jumps in at the same time, he will probably go for a j.HK > c.HK which you block and punish with either xx shouken or lvl1 FA > backdash

ex hadouken and get in his face -_-"

so simple…

you mean ex otoshi right? because ex hadouken isn’t going to help you worth a damn against guile.

Taunt like crazy! Taunt 3 and Tuant 8 are great for hardcore turtle Guiles. Just dont lose the match afterwards.

thx for all those helpfull tips…iw ill try them and find out,what is best for me.

i want to improve my sakura skills…this girl is sooo amazing :lovin:

but before i get g1 i want to know how to (theoretic) beat every char

mainstream chars are no problem…but charge chars are my death often:sad:

this just became my new strat towards turtles :nunchuck:

why does your bear look nervous?
warum sieht Ihr Br nervs aus?

ok guys…he said ways to beat it. Can u not be jerks to the man looking for solid advice by saying “oh hey there is this invention called block” or some kind of other juvenile comment. The man wants to actually genuinely get better not deal with negative comments on a forum full of people who feel the need to take out their depression on others:O He also said he wants to beat the tactic not defend it.

With that being said the guy who said hit any jump attack before he throws is generally an ok idea. Just dont always focus on jumping forward as you become predictable and half of what a guile wants when he throws that damned sonic boom is for you to jump in to eat something. Try to play with a guile’s brain a bit…keep just out of flash kick range most of the time to make him scared of a jump in. If he tries that nonsense of sonic boom to jump throw at that range i would jump either straight up or preferably away so u dont eat the sonic boom on the way down. If you want to play full screen then just use your own fireballs to keep his sonic booms at bay. Generally however, I wouldnt keep full screen from a guild as sakura unless I had an at least somewhat commanding health advantage in the given round.

With regards to the guy who suggested her srk i would refrain from using it as an anti air with a sonic boom on the ground chances are even with the jab srk you’ll eat the sonic boom before anything else happens. Have you tried messing with a guile’s brain by throwing out air hurricane kicks whenever he is in the air with u? That definitely will deter a guile from trying an air throw tactic in the first place if you are catching him with the air hurricane kick.

Hope i helped. gl

Our point in saying to block is that you don’t have to “beat” every single offensive thing coming your way. Blocking negates Guile’s air throw tactic, and is the smartest thing to do in that situation. Jumping straight up can still get you airthrown, or you may land on the sonic boom itself and get knocked down.

Airthrow has very high priority, so much so that even sticking a move out can sometimes still mean you’re getting airthrown. Even if the move is currently sticking out.

Most people weren’t being assholes, in fact they were giving their genuine advice.

EDIT: And our advice of blocking will help the man get better. There are some tactics you just should block, because attempting to beat them are not in your favor.

if only it were that easy…

But you should check out Destin’s Sakura guide thread, he gives a pretty good rundown on most match-ups

lol,never realized this xDDDD

I dont think every jumping attack will beat air throws, I main cammy and i can air grab through some jumping attacks that are already out, and her air grab isnt as good as guiles. I haven’t played with sakura in a long time but my memory is saying that jumping MP is the correct counter to his sonic boom, air grab trap. You just make sure you jump and MP with the intentions of catching him in the air, and it SHOULD work.