Lame little HSFA combo video I made

Mostly Blue-ism stuff but some other crap thrown in… hey even if you think the combos are lame, at least the music is good!


(The v-ism combo with Fei doesnt do a lot of damage, but I just think it looks cool…:sweat:)

End credits with bubble font was pimp. :wgrin:

The combos weren’t bad at all, good job.

I wish I had enough RAM and a capture card… Nice vid…

I made it with an old dazzle usb we were throwing out at work and on an old laptop with Sony Vegas, Vegas is small (under 100 meg) and doesnt need much ram, check it out it’s pretty awesome.

I know some of the combo’s arent that great but I was using this as an excuse to get better with Vegas heh

Anyone notice how half the jumpins didn’t combo?

Yeah I was too lazy to do them again if they didn’t work the first time, I was stuck at home for a couple of days after a medical thing and just wanted more to mess with the editing software more then anything else.