Lame Shotos

Played a good amount of Ranked Matches last night after a nice long battle with my internet connection a couple days ago.

I ran into a handful of Shotos- Akuma, Ken, and Ryu are the culprits- who would make sure they would stay on the other side of the screen and play keep-away with chuckin’ plasma.

Vs. the Akuma player, he won the first round via time over. I took the 2nd round, finishing him with a throw. He won the last round via time over.

Vs. the Ryu player, he started laming it out in the final round. Plasma, jump back to corner, I’d make my way to him, he would tatsu out (regular one, not air tatsu). I caught him with Flame Kick with <5 seconds left and got the Time Over win haha.

Vs. the Ken Player, he would jump backwards to the corner and then keep neutral jumping. I feel even lamer for not being able to beat this guy.

Just had to get this one off my chest. As with other tactics, I’ll have to find a way to counter this. I felt like Inthul when he played Arturo in ECT2 (but he had better results, haha). I was annoyed, but told myself to get over it and figure out how to chase guys like this down.

I’ll take a look at my replays when I get the chance. I’m thinking I’m getting TOO close to him, allowing him to escape via teleport/air tatsu, etc. I think I just have to remember my spacing and he won’t be able to run around all day.

Ok well I will be the first to say that THIS BELONGS IN THE SIMPLE QUESTIONS/DISCUSSION AREA. I understand that you are somewhat new to the fei forums, but we don’t need 2198397398721938712 threads that only ask one question/update us on your progress. So in an effort to try to curb this habit that seems to occur, I will answer you question/help you out BUT I will do it in the simple questions thread. So see ya there!


Actually Higgins, he didn’t ask any questions.

He’s keeping us all updated with his progress against the infamous runaway Shotos of course!

Wait… Wah??

Okay… didn’t mean to make you so mad that you had to use caps haha.

not mad… just trying to be sure people other then you get it.

cry moar or adapt

Hey! I fought you using Ken the other day! or… tonight I think. You are right below b rank. Bro, hit me up if you need some. then once you are able to defeat me, Higgins will cream you like he did me. lol. But yeah man, add me and we can get some training mode on.

Yup, that was me haha. Cool, I’ll add you. The distance may or may not hurt the connection (Dallas to San Francisco). Also, I share my connection with my landlord and they’re b*tches about me getting my own line haha. Hopefully I can fix that soon.