LAMERBOI Looking for a ride to EVO from SJ! =(


I can’t book a flight since I’m pretty tight on budget :frowning:
will pitch in for gas, lodging i may have someone else to live with temporarily!


someone help this man!!!


Don’t help him! He’ll win first place and then give you a tip, it would be terrible!


hello brother


Money match people in HoN. <3


Andrew, hit up Eric Lee/Jesse Ramirez on facebook, I know they’re going and they invited me along, so I am assuming they have room in their cars. Geoff is probably going with them too so you could also ask him about it.


This guy is annoying as fuck. You don’t want to be in a car with him for 14 hours.


LOL brother =(


why not i wouldnt mind singing the ultimate brother song non-stop [media=youtube]uCqcd8IlNlo[/media]


zomg, if you had the eric lee, jesse, and lamer… fucking lamer would sing THIS song for the entire car ride to vegas: [media=youtube]Op-4iqRCDV4[/media]


oh my fucking god. james is my hero for finding that HOT track. shout outs hats with wings.


FUCK YEA, that’s how i roll


at 4:57 he becomes raiden=o


You know Jesse would join in too, him and Eric would be holding each other close until they get back to Lex and Steph and then they will act like PERRRRRFEEECT STRAAAANGERRRRSSSS.
Speaking of which, this is the dance they do every time they are together without their girls:


from SJ? You should hit up Kurokiba13.
Send me a message, i’ll give you his number.

Him, me, and maybe another guy will be roadtripping it.
We should have enough space in the car.
… or better said, enough space for NorCal’s best Guile lol


I’ll MM any sf players in hon 1v1 to first blood same hero? :smiley:


A little out of my way but if you can’t find a ride I’ll hook it up.


I’m going to Evo, so I could let you ride with me down there. Was driving myself with an empty car as is.


I think I may have a ride confirmed with my friend, thanks for the nice offers everyone. =) I’ll be sure to contact you guys if things go wrong !