Lamest Super Art?

Anyone use Tanden-Renki? Tensei-Ranka? Ok, I’m leaning on Total Destruction or XCOPY here…

Total Destruction is weak, but I guess it can do some damage. XCOPY doesn’t do anything, AND you take extra damage at the end… but you don’t have to be 12, and it last pretty long.

But then there’s Blue Nocturne… Hrmm… :slight_smile:

I was under the impression 12 had better stamina than the character he was XCOPY’ing.

Anyway, back on topic. Lamest super? Quite possibly Rolling Thunder. At the least Total Destruction looks cool if you land it.

TWELEVE does have better stamina during X.C.O.P.Y., but only when he’s in that mode. while he’s transforming back into himself, he takes extra damage. if Akuma does KKZ on TWELEVE, he gets smacked. if Akuma does KKZ on TWELEVE while he’s morphing back into TWELEVE, he gets KOed.

i wouldn’t say Rolling Thunder is the lamest super. it still does a respectable amount of damage. Dudley charges meter fast, so it’s not like you’ll never end up with it.

i’d put Tanden Renki, Tensei Ranka and Blue Nocturne as the 3 worst supers. Spinning Beat is also crap, but at least you get lots of meter for EXes.

Total Destruction is cool :lol:.


Tanden Renki is not lame, especially if you use it against Akuma. The lamest SA most be Chun Tensei Ranka easy to parry and the damage is worth crap, at least looks cool

It’s Blue Nocturne. You have to depend on your opponent for you to land it, and that is retarded. Sucks as an antiair, doesn’t even do that much damage if it hits on the ground. It leaves you open to anything, there is literally time for the opponent to do whatever he wants to do to you. Such a dumb idea.

Co-sign on everything. Plus, if you’re fighting SA2 Ryu, he gets that on your for free (minus 8 damage from the first hit). Also, your short, one-stock meter only gives you one EX move.

how 'bout ELENA’s SA3?? HEALING

imo healing isnt the worst super as u can completely turn the match around by just keeping distance and activating (or even better a knockdown then activation) and you can cancel it if your in the risk of getting hit.
temporal thunder maybe? chun sa3?
then again i think genei jin is the lamest as its so annoying! :pleased:

Hrm… you may have a point :clap: Genei CHEAP!

Blue Noc and XCOPY are pretty much unusable in 3s if u ever ever want to win. Even for casual play.

Healing is crap too, it might work against a Hugo, or other slow characters. But thats not really effecient enough and she loses her potential to deal damage.
Spinning beat is not that bad, either is Tensei Ranka (yang sa1), they are just subpar superarts.


dood. Yang’s SA1 is Raishin Mahakken or something like that :lol:.


I think healing is actually pretty solid. afaik, after a connected scratch wheel (err, the dragon kick?) you can do it against anyone and get a fair amount of life back.

chun SA2


yes ur right, I got them mixed up.

Remy SA3 > all. Red parries are teh bestesterestest. :tup:

My vote goes to Ken SA3.

Tensei Ranka is Chun’s SA1, but for Yang I think you thinking of Tenshin Senkutai, which is useful for EX.

Tensei Ranka is Chun’s sa3, sa1 is Kikosho.

Tenshin Senkutai is Yang’s sa2.

Blue Nocturne is usable, but just barely.

If you play against someone who likes to parry a lot, you can use it to calm them the hell down. Use obvious, easy to punish normals and bait a response. As soon as they parry and try to hit you, buffer your move into super. They’ll get caught every time, and eventually be afraid to do anything against your mighty mighty crouching strongs of doom.

It’s dumb, but it works. XCOPY and Total Destruction are definitely my picks for most useless. They’re both easy to run away from, which makes them almost impossible to land in the clutch.



Magnetic Storm is Yang’s SA2 :lol:.



Magnetic Storm is Yang’s SA1 :lol:.