Lami Label Pricing at Kinkos?


**I need some help, I got kinda confused when I went to Kinkos or Fed Ex Office as it is now.

What is the price for Lami Labels? I’m getting one for a SE Stick.

And what do I do when I get there?

What paper do I print it out on?

Or whatever, the people there were no help at all when I asked.**


Answering your thread title: they’re about $3

your actual post I can’t read


ah I heard some people can’t read the purple cause there using old monitors or there theme is something different.

edit I just switched to the Dark theme to see what the issue is, yeah that is kinda harder to read but I can read it perfectly.


People using the standard SRK theme will probably have a problem reading it. Told you earlier.


Yes, the Darkness Theme is hard to read.


I wish the colors I wanted to use worked or there wouldn’t be this problem but ima put something in my signature.


you should just stop using dark text then. since people cant read it, and most likely flat out WONT read it


To answer your question, about $3 will do it, I was lazy and didn’t think to print one out first, so I let them print it and the total was somewhere around $7, and print it on regular paper (Thick paper might work, but I’m not sure. Also, if you’re template has a lot of black, don’t be surprised if there are a lot of visible air bubbles. I just brought in my flash drive with the .png on it and told them I needed a lamilabel and they took care of everything.