Lamilabel for SE stick print art - UK only


I’ve finally got my whole SE stick modded but need to print of the art.
But… i live in the UK and was wondering if anyone could recommended a known place or website i get a lamilabel or equivilent?

UK only recommendations please!

Thank you in advance.


Not sure if you Brits have Kinkos but google it. Usually with Fedex comes a Kinko’s, at least here in New York.


I have been looking for something like this too, not managed to find anything yet…


You could google Print Shop on google map and put your city name along with the search.


there are a few places online that sell “sticky back laminating pouches”


our fedex kinkos has become =

not sure if they offer exactly the same services, but you can always ring them and find out. they also have 4 stores in london and 1 in reading if that helps.


thank you

Its a shame there is isn’t a walk-in mainstream printing facility in England. (closest we have is Staples)

Was hoping there would be some walk in place i can check the quality of the print before i pay.

Worst case i’ll have to find an independent. Cheers for the all the advise/posts above.


Wait for it…


wow…billion year old necro…I fell for it too haha



If you check online there are several UK options for printing custom vinyl stickers


You’re replying to a post from 5 years ago. Is the OP even still on this forum?