Laminate not sticking to SE with spray adhesive!

I have a modded SE that I’ve made custom artwork for. I got it laminated and figured I’d just use some spray adhesive to affix it to the case. The problem is, the bottom section (where the case goes down at an angle) keeps popping up on me. I’ve resprayed, held it down, and put something on top of it to hold it down overnight, but it still won’t stay down. Any suggestions? Do I just need to remove the art and spray a lot more down? I was a little light with the spray because I didn’t want to have too much…

1st did you take the orginal art off? If not do so.

Does they spray you bought say it can be used with plastic and metal?

Try spraying the art and the face of the stick.

Most spray adhesives work better if you stick them on right away after spraying like a few seconds, otherwise it will not form a perminant bond if you wait a few minutes.

Didn’t have any problem getting the laminated art to stick to my Wii stick’s faceplate.

Of course, I did peel off the original sticker, cleaned all the adhesive residue off the metal plate with Goo Gone, wiped the plate dry after rinsing with water, and sprayed the faceplate (front and back) with clear enamel. I waited a couple of days and then put on the laminated art.

I found the 3M spray adhesive (available at Home Depot and many other places) to be fairly effective. The artwork isn’t bulging in any places… It set within 30 minutes and is securely on (but available to be ripped off if I want to replace it). I had my buttons installed about 45 minutes after I put the artwork on.

3M spray adhesive is used for photo mounting mainly but has been recommended by other people here for sticking on custom artwork to the MadCatz SE and Hori Fight Stick series… For around $5 it’s more expensive than some spray paints but is definitely worth the price.

I used Elmer’s craft bond from a.c. Moore on a Hrap Ex and a Wii fighting stick.

No special setup, just sprayed the back of the art evenly and stuck
it on.

It stuck fine to mine with Elmer’s spray adhesive.