Laminated Label problems in the UK!

Greetings All

Firstly apologies if this has already been answered by someone else. Or if this is common knowledge (I did a few searches and couldnt find anything in the forums)

OK so ive been searching for litterally a week for someone or business here in the UK that does what is commonly known on these forums as ‘Lami label’ (laminated Label). I dont know if any other UK resident has had the same hell as i have had in finding these things, I swear there like rocking horse s**t !! (If anyone else has had the same or similar issue please let me know)

So the situation is that ive been doing my first mod on a Datel Arcade Pro (Joytron/Paewang Revolution) and the first art attempt was an Epic Fail. (Paper normally laminated on both sides then glued on) but this technique (especially for me) was crap and as aforementioned failed, and i had to scrap that project and start again.

I have been to most of the office/stationary suppliers etc here in the UK that I could find and asked for a ‘Laminated label’ and i have gotten the same answer from all of them. That answer was ‘Whats one of them ive never heard of that’ !
As you can imagine im about ready to murder someone at this stage as this is the last thing i need to finish this project. I went to Staples UK (In Leicester city) and the useless drone in the copy and print centre had no idea what i wanted either ! I got the same answer as mentioned above !

So anyone in the UK who wants/needs a lami label for a custom stick I suggest that you ask for -------

Or something similar along those lines, like Vinyl Car Decals or vinyl car stickers etc. Ive found some on and by calling them this.

Link to

Link to

I hope this helps/assists anyone who needs it & again apologies if this is old news.

Good luck with your custom arcade sticks & May The Force Be With You