LAN cable has been disconnected


WHY?! Anyone else have this problem with SFV? For some reason it’s impossible for me to play SFV on a ps4 online sometimes as for some reason, as soon as i get a match going…“A LAN CABLE HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED” notification pops up. This problem only happens with SFV alone. And whenever i play SFV, i always shut off the router and hook the ps4 directly to the modem.

100mbpsdown/10up connection here. Not sure if comcast is trying to bottleneck the speeds of however fast the game is trying to send packets or what. But the thing is, this only happens with SFV and no other game, not even when i play games on the pc.


Try a different cable because maybe it’s just coincidence that it’s only happened in SFV.


This happened way too many times with SFV for it to be a coincidence though.


LAN cable has been disconnected is a PS system message so it probably has nothing to do with SF5.


I randomly have the same problem and i use a wired setup. i could go to play at least 10 matches and then randomly get the your lan cable is disconnected error. SFV is the only game that does this.


I can’t do the in-game update (1.05 to 1.07). It gives me the error "Update File Installation Failed. (22004). Nothing I’ve ever tried help. Any ideas?


dealing with this too, ill post if i find a fix but my guess is capcom wont address this till uriens release patch.


Yeah, having to wait until the Urien update sucks. But then there’s the possibility that it will also have an in-game update. I can’t play the damn game. Would be mad salty if I were a Juri fan.


This happened to me once. i had to download the update from a different internet connection.


I tried that, as everyone was suggesting it, but still nothing. I’m gonna have to wait until the Urien patch.


Remove previous patches and reinstall sfv. Try again.


Looks like there’s an update coming tomorrow. Let’s hope it fixes things up.


Happening a lot more often lately. No idea what causes it.