LAN connection using emulinker

Me and some friends want to play four player Marvel Vs. Capcom with a lan connection using emulinker. The thing is I have no idea how to setup the config files. I drag them into notepad, and… thats as far as I can get. Any help will be appreciated.

What do you want to set up? basically if you just launch the .bat file it’ll work fine without any configuration

Use UOKS ( But if you are only playing your friend in private, I would recommand the official server( Avoid emulinker for now if you can. Its scheduling isn’t complete and will result in mass degradation of gaming performance and for users over a certain ping, it wont even work on emulinker.

For UOKS and Official server: U’ll have to unzip and edit kaillerasrv.conf with notepad and change the line “Public=1” to “Public=0”, save and then run the exe file. Don’t dream about using them if you’re behind a firewall.

PS: Usually, people ask questions about these online multilayer stuff in the appropriate online matchmaking forum.