Lan Di must defeat my shoulder ram on CH to stand a chance: THE AKIRA YUKI THREAD


Akira is boss and if you hate him come here to learn anti strategies! Don’t forget to go to

Akira VF5FS youtube channels: (GDLK Akira)

Will edit this post with necessary info. So feel free to contribute combos,strategies and videos.

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So is this an Anti Akira thread or an Akira thread?


Both we ain’t scared of nothin. [S]This is an Akira thread with the focus on learning him but if peeps want anti-strategies vs him I have nothing against that. [/S]
An Akira thread! [S][/S]



How to fight against Akira:
A: Try and sidestep everything.
B: If that didn’t work, he’s not noob, and kiss your ass goodbye.


6P4PP eats me alive everytime.

Ha! I blocked, my turn!
Wait, you moved back?
OK, I’ll block again.
What? My block is broken?
Why am I on the floor?


Don’t forget about that 214P


lol, Lan Di… I miss Shenmue :frowning:


So guys, BnBs?

Right now, I’m rolling with 33+P 43+P G!+K G!+K G+K (Charge) P.
Over 100 damage. You get hit with this, it’s GG. And that’s just day 1. I feel like there’s much more to be found.

Akira’s also got nasty damage off of 46+P, but I have yet to find anything amazing (60 damage off of spamming G!+K after the palm just won’t cut it in FS).
And I still need something good off of G!+K.

Also, Who else loves the new guard break chain? I’m having a tough time getting it down, but it’s going to be a powerful tool in no time.


You know Shenmue 3 is never coming right?


never say never…


just got the game. I’m maining Akira but I’m ass at the game so far. Any tips?


This i do agree with


This is the very little I’ve leeched from a handful of Akira videos so far. Take from it what you will. VFDC doesn’t seem to have a list either and it’s driving me nuts.

64P+G, 2K+G,P, P, iws PP (aoi)
64P+G at wall, 2K+GPP, 33P+K (jacky)
64P+G, 2K+G,P, K+GP (jacky)

666P CH, dash 2P, 43P, qcfx2 PP (jacky)
666P CH, dash 2P, 43P, P, qcfx2 PP (jacky)
666P CH, 2K+G,P,P W! 43P(g), qcfx2 PP (jacky)
666P CH, 2P, 2K+G,P,P (akira)

6P+K+G, 3346P W! 2K+G,P, ?? (combo was dropped) (jacky)

33P, 6KP, 3K+G,6P,466P+K (akira)

(2)46PP W! 33P+K (jacky)

46P, P, qcfx2 PP (akira)
46P, P, 2K+G,P,P (akira)

I haven’t memorized weight classes, so idk which combos work on who.


Pardon the brackets, I just copy-pasted my post on vfdc: [

() - press on hit
_](‘’) - hold direction

NH [4][6][P]: (Starter)
Tested on: Akira
[P]>[2][P]>[2_][4][6][P] - 56 dmg
[2][K]+[G]P - 56
:P:>:6::6:[K][K] - 57 (easy)
[P]>[2][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 61 (up close, no frame loss)

NH [3][3][P]
Tested on: Akira
[4][6][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][P]+[K] - 72
[4][3][P]>[P]>[K]+[G][P] - 75
[4][3][P]>[2][K]+[G]P - 76
[4][6][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][4][6][6][P]+[K] - 77
[6][K][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 77
[6][K][P]>[2][P]> [2_][4][6][P] - 78 (feels inconsistent)
[6][K][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][P]+[K] - 79
[6][K][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][4][6][6][P]+[K] - 83

Teiro Kanpo~[P]
Tested on: Akira
[4][6][P]>[2][K]+[G]P - 69
[4][3][P]>[P]>[6][6][K][K] - 69
dash in ~ [2][1][4][P]>[3][K]+[G][P]>[4][6][6][P]+[K] - 71
dash in ~ [2][1][4][P]>[6][K][P]>[1][P] - 77 (easy)

Tested on: Akira
[6][K][P]>[1][P] - 65
[6][K][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 74

CH [3][P]+[K]
Tested on: Akira
[K]+[G][P] - 57
[2][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 63 (strict timing on [2][P])
[2][P]> [2_][4][6][P] - 58
[2_][6]P - 61
[2][P]> [2_][6]P - 67 (strict timing on [2][P])
[2][K]+[G]P - 65
[2][P]>[6][6][K][K] - 65 (easy)
[1][P]>[2][P]> [2_][4][6][P] - 75 (feels strict or inconsistent)
[1][P]>[2][P]>[6][6][K][K] - 82 (feels strict or inconsistent)


Hey guys I’m new to VF. I keep hearing that Akira is the hardest character to play. Can someone explain to me why? Thanks


He has a few moves that are demanding from an execution standpoint but like any other character if you practice it is all good. At the same time he doesn’t have a full circular attack aka roundhouse kick/trip so it’s hard for him to blow up evades. He has some half circular moves so he has to predict which side the person is going to try to evade etc. At the end of the day he is 100% learnable and in this game they made him easier to play by adding df+p as a great poke,db+p to blow up wiffs from a distance and an easier DLC Combo ender. He also gets great frame advantage from forward or down [g]+[p]+[k] which staggers the opponent.

His huge damage output is the reason he is top on tier lists but the game is still balanced and a great variety of characters are winning tournaments.


Akira is easier for sure on the execution front. Still has some stuff that you need to practice, the 1 frame knee comes to mind, but otherwise execution shouldn’t scare you off.

He has godly damage. I’m doing 130 off a counter hit right now. No wall.


Ah right on =) Can you guys please give me the notations of the difficult execution moves/combos that every Akira player should know? I’d like to try them in training!


1P works far too well against the AI, beat Dural first time using just that one move over and over. If only people were so willing to walk into it…


1P works great as a high crush. Use it if you sniff a high sting.