Lan Di must defeat my shoulder ram on CH to stand a chance: THE AKIRA YUKI THREAD


Pardon the brackets, I just copy-pasted my post on vfdc: [

() - press on hit
_](‘’) - hold direction

NH [4][6][P]: (Starter)
Tested on: Akira
[P]>[2][P]>[2_][4][6][P] - 56 dmg
[2][K]+[G]P - 56
:P:>:6::6:[K][K] - 57 (easy)
[P]>[2][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 61 (up close, no frame loss)

NH [3][3][P]
Tested on: Akira
[4][6][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][P]+[K] - 72
[4][3][P]>[P]>[K]+[G][P] - 75
[4][3][P]>[2][K]+[G]P - 76
[4][6][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][4][6][6][P]+[K] - 77
[6][K][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 77
[6][K][P]>[2][P]> [2_][4][6][P] - 78 (feels inconsistent)
[6][K][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][P]+[K] - 79
[6][K][P]>[3][K]+[G][P][4][6][6][P]+[K] - 83

Teiro Kanpo~[P]
Tested on: Akira
[4][6][P]>[2][K]+[G]P - 69
[4][3][P]>[P]>[6][6][K][K] - 69
dash in ~ [2][1][4][P]>[3][K]+[G][P]>[4][6][6][P]+[K] - 71
dash in ~ [2][1][4][P]>[6][K][P]>[1][P] - 77 (easy)

Tested on: Akira
[6][K][P]>[1][P] - 65
[6][K][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 74

CH [3][P]+[K]
Tested on: Akira
[K]+[G][P] - 57
[2][P]>[K]+[G][P] - 63 (strict timing on [2][P])
[2][P]> [2_][4][6][P] - 58
[2_][6]P - 61
[2][P]> [2_][6]P - 67 (strict timing on [2][P])
[2][K]+[G]P - 65
[2][P]>[6][6][K][K] - 65 (easy)
[1][P]>[2][P]> [2_][4][6][P] - 75 (feels strict or inconsistent)
[1][P]>[2][P]>[6][6][K][K] - 82 (feels strict or inconsistent)


Hey guys I’m new to VF. I keep hearing that Akira is the hardest character to play. Can someone explain to me why? Thanks


He has a few moves that are demanding from an execution standpoint but like any other character if you practice it is all good. At the same time he doesn’t have a full circular attack aka roundhouse kick/trip so it’s hard for him to blow up evades. He has some half circular moves so he has to predict which side the person is going to try to evade etc. At the end of the day he is 100% learnable and in this game they made him easier to play by adding df+p as a great poke,db+p to blow up wiffs from a distance and an easier DLC Combo ender. He also gets great frame advantage from forward or down [g]+[p]+[k] which staggers the opponent.

His huge damage output is the reason he is top on tier lists but the game is still balanced and a great variety of characters are winning tournaments.


Akira is easier for sure on the execution front. Still has some stuff that you need to practice, the 1 frame knee comes to mind, but otherwise execution shouldn’t scare you off.

He has godly damage. I’m doing 130 off a counter hit right now. No wall.


Ah right on =) Can you guys please give me the notations of the difficult execution moves/combos that every Akira player should know? I’d like to try them in training!


1P works far too well against the AI, beat Dural first time using just that one move over and over. If only people were so willing to walk into it…


1P works great as a high crush. Use it if you sniff a high sting.


I get it, cos trading favors the higher damage attack right? I’d love to see some big Akira combo videos


Has nothing to do with trading, it just ducks and then pops them in the mouth.




I love the body check. It’s so good in this game.

Beat a Jacky scrub who kept spamming what I assume is 66+P by moving to the side, and shoulder ram, for 45% of his life. 2 in a row = GG.


Since Akira is so good at breaking guard and has great linear attacks, is it appropriate to talk about step killing? I think of him like a powerful version of Raphael in SC. How do you guys beat evades? Throws, 4P?


The 4P strings, and 46P+K comes from his body, and 46P+K+G comes from around his back. 46P+K and 4P+K+G are also mid and double handed, so if you know which way your opponent is going to try to evade after a tech roll, you can severally limit their wakeup options.

As far as which direction to guess when using moves with circular (tracking) properties, know that everyone is trying to get away from any of the edges as fast as possible. Although, a smart opponent will know that your sniffing for a wall/ringout and will just chill.

The one deficiency Akira has had is that he has no full circular moves. While this COULD be a problem, His other moves are so strong that he can do excellent without any.


Keep using him, you’ll little by little learn how to survive with him and gain knowledge on what move to do next/mix up with after you score hits. His elbow and Super Dash Elbow will probably be the moves you use the most.

I know that seems a little vague lol, but, that’s real talk hahah. For pretty much any character (besides the elbow and SDE stuff)

Sometimes when you’re standing and blocking, constantly tapping forward can be good so right after you block a 2P (or whenever you feel like) you can let go of block and hit P to bust out a quick elbow on people or moments you think they’ll keep trying to attack after you just blocked their 2P.

His 1/3 P+K is a good low move cause it gives you advantage on hit. And also good against high punches/high strings cause it gives a CH that you can get a combo off of. It’s just a little slow.

To do his shoulder ram move, I find it easier and faster to do by hitting 11/33 then P+K at the same time you hit 1/3 the second time.


While this new FS Akira is amazing by all means, I kinda wish he had some of his VF4Evo and VF5 moves from the past.

I especially liked (not sure of each moves’ exact commands since it’s been a while) his f,f P+K which had a followup with P again. It looked like a mid attack, and then he kinda steps around and slams the opponent with the other first from an overhand. I know the voice sounded like “Ishi~~ Ha!”

Or his old P+K to P which was a quick one-two punch in close range which was another “Ishi~HAA!” or whatever.

I also used to like his db P+G+K where he does a stance dance step back, which had follow ups to different kinds of parries and attacks.

But overall? I still love this new Akira, besides the fact that he’s lost some staple moves I grew up on learning so much back then.



Akira combo video by me. Exploring his combo potential on all sizes as well as how many 1 frame knees I can do in one combo (I ended up with three).

Feedback, comments are appreciated.


I’m a big noob. But what’s the command for the bodycheck?

also how come sometimes you do the shoulder hit when you do ff+p+k and sometimes like body slam ff+p+k


Hey guys, check out this podcast with Chibaya, Plague and myself. We talk about picking up Akira, his best tools, and alot of other interesting stuff.



My follow up to my previous Akira combo video. More wall rape, counter hit set-ups and some ‘interesting’ ways to get Akira back turned.

Comments, critiques are always welcomed.


I’m no expert but here you go. This from what I’ve seen and learned about Akira even if I’m not say, Minami or Ohsu.

Go through FS’s tutorials. Check out the DandyDLC tutorial and the SEGA tutorials on youtube.
VF4 Evo is a bro for teaching VF as well with it’s… best. training/tutorial mode. ever.

After that for Akira
He’s a basics character but he has amazing tools but can get predictable, but that predictability will only go as far as you allow it.
You’re going to want to poke with P, PP, and 66 P. Poking is very fast in VF. Don’t try to follow up too much immediately after a disadvantage move as you may very well; get combowned. The range of the move typically determines the distances you can use it at, usually.

This post can be seen as a collaborative guide to Akira. So please, provide suggestions.

It’s a stand jab. This> elbow> throw is a basic flowchart.

Delayable string where the second punch hits mid (and therefore breaks through crouching guard).

Low Jab
Behold, the movestopper general and throwstopper general. Disadvanatage on block, actually hits high. Everyone has this
Advantageous on hit though and you can try and go into a mid/ throw situation off of one.
Really bad things happen if it’s sidestep-punish or someone like kage gets an overhead attack on it.
I could see Aoi parrying this move as well as she can parry… everything. all the time.

Not exactly the best poke ever, but you can act like you are going to do it and cancel with G.
Possible reactions to this would be:
the opponent attempting to attack and/or trying to beat it
A High block (most of the time it’s this from what little I’ve seen of Kamaage. so you could go for a throw/low/mid/high/guardbreak).
A Low block
SS attempt
Parry or Opponent using a move with parry in it (will whiff)
Fuzzy Guard
Throw attempt

You should use this to bait/ threaten and react accordingly.
It sort of looks like the Akira Knee when cancelled, so you could have a 50/50 between this and The Knee (KG, just frame, G release in 1f). If you can Knee.

46 P
Bufferable off the low Jab, probably hits mid. Good if they block the 2p low and there’s a lot of pushback.

Disadvantage on block, but you can use it to check reactions. Good players will respect the 66p because it is nasty on counterhit and you can combo after it. It’s kind of like an Elbow-doken- it’s pretty safe and you throw it out as a poke/counterpoke and to guage reactions. And you’ll use it a lot. Hits mid so it hits crouch-ers (you’ll probably run into plenty of knee jabbers in vf so it’s good to go and figure out moves that punish this)

You can go in and threaten with this move to make the opponent stand guard which will allow you to bust out something like his back throw (which you can combo off of) or one of his guard break moves, which are very quick and also can be combo’d off of.

It’s worth noting that this is sidestepped so if you are expecting an evade it woul;d be a good idea to buffer in one of your own if the opponent chooses to sidestep to keep you in their face. Akira doesn’t have a lot of spinning moves and it’s best to keep the opponent in front of you (again, from what I’ve seen from much better players). IF Akira has really good moves for punishing SS, someone please tell me. I’m learning too.

(To be completed, please help me with this).


Back throw
Back throw is a bro. You can combo off of backthrow and those combos can set up oki mixups.

Any of the other throws you can combo from

Other throws- because mixup/sometimes you need an input that isn’t the other throws you have been using and you want to do some oki.

Good moves to know
Youhou- yo ho, yo ho, a damaging combo is me. many versions I have, up to two or three!

PKG, similar moves and followups
you can visually check whether this move hits and then buffer in the followup string.

The Knee (KG)
Akira put out an album once, it was called “Kneez to the Chest”.
A just frame knee launches and is good to use in combos.

(Some of these I don’t know the inputs for so check the video movelist, the game movelist and vfdc. still learning.)
High Guard break
Forgot the input, but Akira just sorta leans forward and pops open the opponent’s guard with one hand. Looks like he does it pretty effortlessly.
Lots of followups can be done after this.

Mid Guard Break
Akira Leans down and thrusts both fists in a half circular motion. Has a canned followup that does a lot of damage

Akira thrusts forward and disables rib movement for a week. Lots of pushback.

Fw k and followup
Fw K is like a ghetto knee.
IT has a punch followup that is delayable and can catch the opponent attacking.
Can also be used as oki.

Double Palm Overhead
Dunno how to do this but it’s used a lot. Someone tell me why, por favor.

Shoulder ram
Because shoulder ram.

Delayed double fist strike
Huge damage, pushback, sends em flying on hit.

The "Plague"
Kind of like Akira’s version of lions quick double half circular jab to the feet.

The oldschool combo filler/ ender. Delayable.

Any move that allows a throw “on hit or block”

P, 4 and followups
basically a one move mixup and the followups start a nice little combo.

Stun Palm of Death

I think there’s a version that starts with a low kick too, which is awesome.

Basic Mixups
P, 6p or throw
P, < and followups
Low P, Mid, mid followup or throw.
mid/throw/high guard break/ do nothing and wait for reaction
Crouch dash and mid elbow/guard break/throw
KG cancel and knee/throw