Lancaster, PA - AE scene?


Hello. I’m a native New Yorker who just moved to Lancaster PA very recently. I’m wondering if there’s a scene here in Lancaster or around here. I met someone at East Coast Throwdown 4 who told me about a small scene in Allentown PA. I’m looking for something a bit closer than a 40 minute drive. Is this possible?


Damn, cows don’t use SRK :confused:


well i live in christiana pa and theres like noone around that plays any fighting games lol. i used to play AE alot but pretty much stopped and got into UMVC3 and SFxT


Players are just to far apart lol


The distance and the fact that there really is not a central place that will have tourney set ups. There is always online…


I am over in York, PA which is 25-30 mins west of Lancaster. There’s no scene here. Here’s the Central PA thread though. They supposedly do weeklies, but it’s just a bit much for me to drive 45+ minutes for games. I would think Lancaster could support a scene though… PA sucks for fighting games unless you live in Philly it seems.


Yeah, I have been trying to get a local shop here in York to let me try and pull together a tourney for charity, but they have stopped responding to emails.
They seemed interested and then just…stopped…