Landing blockstrings


Hey guys,

I noticed that for landing blockstrings, you usually have to be pretty deep. So either you jumped in on them and they blocked and you continue a blockstring, or you focus attack them while they block and you dash in and do a blockstring (if they blocked), or you dash in whiel they are on the defensive and start a blockstring. sometimes i notice that if the opponent is really scared on wakeup to do anytihng, you can do a blockstring, but I like to do wakeup throw in these situations instead of blockstrings.

what are other good times to start blockstrings? they seem to require you to be extremely deep which makes them sort of situational.

i love mixing up the full blockstrings with few hits of blockstring-> walk forward throws and with few hits of blockstring-> walk forward standing roundhouse (i use bison) when i train them to think i’m going to throw at a certain point. but yeah, if a shoto is good at keeping me out on the ground, and b/c dp owns my jump in attempts where i can land blockstrings, i can’t seem to do many on them…

any tips?


You don’t have to really be extremely deep in to use blockstrings. Honestly, for me and I think this applies to a lot of people out there, block strings are generally just normal chain/links being tossed in anyways. Regardless of if they block or not, you’re still gonna the parts that will push people away from you.

Just gotta be careful when doing these strings of attacks. It’s all right to do it on wake up as long as your opponent does not have the resources to do a decent reversal (no-bar boxer comes to mind) and you attack somewhat prematurely so that the hit frames are active as your opponent gets up (a meaty attack). Also be careful that some chain/links may potentially not lock down the opponent in block stun constantly. An example of this would be Dictator’s It can be shoryukened out of if you keep attempting to hit with as a blockstring.


Anytime you’d do a combo. Blockstrings are just what you fall back on when they block and you need the pushback to put yourself in a position where fast startup moves are made riskier by the distance they have to travel to hit you, or you want the blockstun to launch a mixup attempt. The blocking in itself isn’t that useful; it’s what you can move on to while they’re blocking.

As far as when to land them on Ryu, same as everyone else: when he’s in the middle of doing something else. Bait FBs, jump in during recovery. Bait SRK, punish recovery.