Landing Close Strong

Quick backstory: I learned the basics. I played Akuma, and then also Q. I attempted to learn the basics of every character in order to know what to look for in actual matches. As soon as I learned Oro, I dropped Akuma and Q without any hesitation. Oro just “felt right,” if that makes any sense. I use Oro III because I’m just not skilled enough to pull off Oro II yet.

So, right. Landing a close Strong.

I just can’t do it in competitive play. Ever, really. Even if I get in punishment situations, I’ll usually get so psyched out that I’ll just throw out a Roundhouse. The only times I’m ever able to land close Strong are during stuns and whiffed Shoryukens.

I’ve watched plenty of videos. I’ve seen great Oro players land them right in front of me. I have most of Oro’s game down (kara throwing, wakeup, crossups, juggles, even basic charge partitioning). But I just flat-out can’t do it. If I jump-in Roundhouse and link, I don’t react quickly enough to start the Chicken combo. If I try to dash in and connect, I telegraph it too much and I either get blocked or tripped up. When I parry, I have the bad habit of just sticking out Roundhouse as punishment.

So, as a mediocre Oro player attempting to become a good one, I ask you:

How do you do it? What sort of tricks do you use to get your opponent to let you dash-in, or to get your opponent to jump-in empty, or to train yourself to react with Strong > QCF Forward every time you parry? How did you, personally, learn to do these things back when you started?

Any tips would be appreciated. Anything at all.

Do it for Oro.

you could also try jump in chicken

Don’t be afraid of using 2-hit launch confirm combos. Chicken combos are best done when you know for sure the launch will hit (or unless you’re a hit-confirming beast), but 2-hit launch combos can be done at any time. Here are the basic 2-hit launch combos:

  • 2-hit launch, standing Roundhouse.
  • 2-hit launch, walk up 1-hit launch xx vertical superjump Roundhouse.
  • 2-hit launch xx MK/HK chicken, standing Roundhouse or Strong Uppercut. The chicken strength is character specific and works on all characters except Yun and Yang. Against Hugo, you need to karacancel the Uppercut.

And, of course, the super combo hit confirms:

  • 2-hit launch xx EX Tengu, go to town.
  • 2-hit launch, walk up 1-hit launch xx Yagyou unblockable setup.

In time, you’ll be able to get over the “psyche out” thing and punish with the launch. As for parrying, there are four major punishes you need to be aware of depending on how close you are to the opponent when you ground parry:

  • very close: launch into chicken combo
  • close but outside launch range: close Forward XX command grab
  • far: Roundhouse or Forward
  • if appropriate: backthrow

Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself punishing with a far Strong when you thought you were within range. It happens to me pretty often, but a hit is a hit. Also be aware of players that will cancel the move you parried into a special move or super. If you parry Ken’s low Forward and he cancels to Shippu, your launch is dead; it’s best to parry > block in that situation.

Thanks a lot for the tips, Jinrai. Your posts are one of the things that really helped me learn Oro.

If I’m in a situation where I get off a launch but don’t cancel in time, is it possible to throw out Strong again for the juggle and cancel into Chicken combo or Tengu? Or does that not work as a juggle?

Also, while I have you here (and because I don’t want to clog up the page with another thread), what are the best options for Oro when the opponent is waking up? I’ll usually choose from these, but I feel like there are better options:

  • Backthrow
  • Crouching Forward into Command Grab
  • UOH followed by a throw
  • Standing Fierce
  • Jump-in Roundhouse to Close Strong
  • Jump-in crossup with Forward

Anything I’m missing? I love using Cr. Forward into the Command Grab, but my reflexes aren’t sharp enough to stop the grab if the kick is blocked. And then I get punished because the Command Grab has such crap recovery time.

The first hit of Oro’s launch takes up 1 juggle point, while the second hit of the launch takes up 3. Each chicken hit takes up 1 juggle point.

2-hit launch, walk up 1-hit launch xx EX Tengu works fine. 1+3 for the launch and 1 for the walk up launch gives you 1 left over to use your EX Tengu. If you attempt a walk-up chicken combo after a 2-hit launch, all you’re going to get is the second launch and 1 chicken hit: 1+3 for the first launch, 1 for the second launch, and 1 for the chicken uses up all 6 points. You’re better off cancelling the second launch into a vertical superjump Roundhouse if you don’t have meter.

Command grab combos on your opponent’s wakeup are very risky for the reasons you mentioned. However, if you’re feeling lucky you can go for it if the opponent can’t punish you with anything more damaging than a sweep. Alternatively, you can go for a meaty UOH; if this connects, you can link into a close Forward cancelled to command grab.

Mix up your options, but be aware of vulnerabilities depending on your opponent. If Ken blocks Oro’s standing Fierce, he can retaliate with Shippu even without a Reversal. Hell, he can even Shippu you if he gets hit standing, but that’s Reversal only.

Other options include tick throwing, ultra-karathrow setups (by this I mean the far Forward karacancel rather than the normal Roundhouse), jump in Chicken as ToyRobot mentioned, crossup Short Chicken, and Tiger Knee air chicken. Be aware, like the command grab, that you’re left open if the crossup or tigerknee chicken is blocked.

Oh, and sometimes I backdash as the opponent gets up. If they try something stupid, they’ll whiff I can punish them.

don’t forget about the universal walk-back-at-last-second option. You’re still blocking, and might draw out a whiff throw.

So I started watching vids of this game again and felt like checking out the forums…

Another interesting move he has is the jump back Forward kick. This is basically an instant overhead that also punishes throw techs, but even on hit I’m not sure if it’s safe on everyone (thinking of stuff like Yun qcf+P here). Still worth using sometimes, though.

I’ve found that the best way to land close strong is to use lots of throw setups, be they walkup or dash. Once people come to expect that, bust out the close strong instead…with frame advantage or poor enemy reaction, it’ll hit them if they try to tech OR jump out of it. Probably rather obvious, but just wanted to point that out…it’s basically old-school SF2 offense rather than high/lows.

Later all,