landing kkz

hey, i just did a quick search on kkz and didnt really find anythin on the forums i’ve seen some good ko’s to it so i think i’d like more info anybody can help on how to lk.spinkcik lp reset to kkz it links or sum shi i seen it with meh own eyes
helps appreciated, lk tatsu, down(you souldn’t see him crouch)st.lp down,down, Px3

i usedto be able to do this but i started to train with makoto and i started losing my touch.:sad:

thank you hey you seen demon flip kick and when ya hit the ground kkz ? stuffs crazy impossible lol

Yeah, the timing is pretty strict. There’s no real tricks that I can think of. Just practice.

It’s good when you are anticipating a throw.

Example - Do a standard demon flip kick on Urien. Most likely the Urien player will parry and then attempt a throw when you land. In this scenario you buffer the KKZ and Urien eats the whole super do to his throw animation.

agains ppl how are expecting dash demon, just dash kkz… there is some jiro video where he does this

lol wtf dash d.3x thats sum input but i guess ill try good idea on making them try to grab… same goes for dashing i suppose… hey why dont any akuma users do the demon flip grab… just want the dive kick mk tatsu shoryu for more dmg?? they are both knock downs and usually throw to corner

They do.

Reset kkz is the best setup still.

I’ve connected with kkz immediately after a blocked flip kick. The kkz can be blocked, obviously, but most people are looking to punish immediately after the block. It’s certainly not guaranteed but can easily connect if your opponent is not expecting it. After that they will usually just block.

soooo instead of expecting a kara demon they jump? or they just gonna block even if it is a demon lmao i guess its all about the person your playin:looney:

besides from they trying to tech thow, they will jump straight up, mostly because when u see a 2 full-bars gouki dash into you, experienced players often react like if a demon is coming, so they will…

  • throw some punches kiks
  • try to tech throw
  • jump demon

in all those 3 options they get hit by kkz

Yeah, I use it to chip after a blocked demon flip dive kick. i.e. a well placed air hadou to keep them blocking when they wake up, then a deep meaty, walk forward a smidgen s.hp xx demon flip, early dive kick, KKZ as soon as you land. You tend to get people whiffing throws and such, like James said.

nice stuff keep it coming jk… so whats up with makin yo opponent play range games but then randomly throwin out that dash raging ;D i think that is by best …the best

Being able to dash into someone when you have two bars is very hard at high level play. People will always range themselves that even after a dash you are slightly out of range for a kara demon or something.

Uraken does it really nicely a few times against Hirai as a counter attack - he basically blocks or takes a hit chain from ken, and then just dashes in and demons when the ken would probably be fishing for a parry or something. -> lk tatsu -> lp xxx kongou kokuretsuzan

problem solved

only problem here…you hafta be hella fast. Ever tried to do the Ganondorf Home Run Contest glitch on SSBM? It’s like that. Only a thousand times faster.