Landing non-ex-Banishing Flats after Lariat question



Seeing many intermediate and advanced giefs pulling this off, I’d like to know a little more about doing this.

It seems some players punish blanka quite often with regular BF, which I didn’t think would connect unless it was EX (like in the ex cancel combo, (KKK) lariat, ex cancel, EX BF, which only lands one hit)

for instance, :36 [media=youtube]fNO0zzgkhDI[/media] and twice in the beginning of second round.

So how can you tell when to punish with it? It is all based on height, and does it work well against match-ups other than blanka?

So look at that late lariat 1:28, which doesn’t require a cancel to connect the flats… I assume this only works if you connect with lariat revolution 2 or 3, and will work with either regular or EX BF?

P.S., :52 in that replay is pretty sweet :rofl:


what are you talking about, those are EXs. Look at his meter.

Anyway, it depends on trade height and whatnot and also how close you are to blanka after the vertical ball. It just takes practice to recognize when and when not to do it.


Ahh, I see that now. Yeah I attempted the timing tonight and I could never seem to punish it correctly. Will just take practice so I don’t waste those precious gief BFs :slight_smile:


Up ball is punishable with regular EX Hand. Horizontal ball is only punishable with kara EX Hand (easier to land when standing blocking than crouching blocking but both can land if done correctly)


usually you can only connect with that on a trade. ie someone does a jump in, you lariat and they trade, on the way down, you ex GH for a bit extra damage. but occasionally you can land it if you catch them at the very tail end of your lariat, which leaves you enough time to recover and add the ex GH. and they are all ex, regular will just whiff


snap! Where’s the thread and videos about Kara ex BF? I didn’t even know gief had any kara moves!