Did you guys know that you can drop through the nozzle of the Landmasters, just like any thin platform?

This could change everything… Any character that can make it to the front fourth of the nozzle can just wait till they are near the top and drop through to avoid top screen death. How did this slip by me (and so many others) for so long?

Yeah but then they can just drop the land master on you from above after you drop down. Still though, good find.

I believe they can also shoot you while you’re dropping down…

I knew this :expressionless:

I just never play anybody who uses Fox, Falco or Wolf. I thought everyone else knew it…

But I also thought there wasn’t much practical application for it.

Not in the air.

Well that just neutered the Landmaster…

I’ve tried that before actually. They usually can just drop back down to fall on you. Its another thing you can try to do to prolong it though.


Drop back down and try to get the ledge. Then roll up off the ledge as they come near to get knocked behind them, then try to get back on top to repeat.

At very worst, you shouldnt ever be 2-stocked by these stupid things anymore.

Good find Keits.