LANFest 2k7: 3rd Strike and MvC2! - Ontario, California - Saturday, 10/6/07

On Saturday, October 6th, Denjin Video will be hosting tournaments for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at’s LANFest 2k7! The event will be hosted at the Ontario Convention Center.

Tournament Pre-Registration Page: LANFest 2k7 by

PLEASE pre-register for the event so that we’ll get the prize pool available for the players! Our minimum is 25 signups before any prizes can be awarded. You do not need to pay to pre-register. This just lets Newegg know that actual people are coming to the event and it helps us with our bracket-making as well.

It is very important that you register under “Denjin BYOC”. Otherwise Newegg won’t give us credit towards the prize pool for your signup!

Kurt from (who originally posted about this event) has told me that we might be able to get some matches on the stage as well. The more of us that show up to this event, the better the chances that this may happen. I will also be featuring this in Hardcore Gamer Magazine, along with the Top Three in each game, and Denjin Video will record and publish the matches of the Top Eight players online!

The event will take place in the BYOC area, and the prizes will be PROPORTIONAL to the number of entries. Denjin Video will not keep ANY of the prize money- we are essentially renting out the venue. Here’s how it works:

Prize Structure

To keep math simple, if a tournament gets 25 signups, Newegg will allot us 80% of entry fees to be distributed as prize money. Newegg will keep 20% for venue costs. There’s a weird gray zone between 25-32 people where the prize pot varies, but we are guaranteed a minimum of $1000. NOTE: Some money will be used to compensate people who donate equipment. See below in the Please Help Us section.

32 People: Total Entrance Fees = 32 x 40 = 1280 [Prize Pool = 1024]
64 People: Total Entrance Fees = 64 x 40 = 2560 [Prize Pool = 2048]

We are currently in the middle of discussions with potential sponsors to contribute additional funds for prizes. Our first priority will be to pad out the prize pool so that 100% of entry fees will effectively go towards the players. If there is additional money to go around, we will put whatever extra we can into the pool.

Up to 32 Players, here is the prize structure (Rounded off to the nearest dollar, of available prize pool)

1st: 62.5%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 12.5%

With a $1000 prize pool, the breakdown would be:

1st: $625
2nd: $250
3rd: $125

However, if a tournament gets more than 32 entries, then a 4th place prize of will be available at 5%. This will slightly affect the total payout, at 62.5% / 22.5% / 10% / 5%.

Because the two games (3rd Strike and Marvel 2) are sharing the same pre-registration ticket, we will be splitting up the pot proportionally between the two games by # of signups. If there are double-entries, then the priority will go towards the game with lesser signups. Also, PLEASE NOTE: To enter both tournaments, there will be a charge of $20 for the 2nd tournament entry. This means it will cost $60 to enter both games instead of $80.

Special Reward for Players
For entering the tournament, we have some stuff planned, but for now, all participating players will receive FREE ENTRY into all sections of the next Ranking Battle Season(6 games) at Family Fun Arcade. If you attend Ranking Battles at FFA, this means that you save $30, making the real cost of LANFest $10, or FREE if you play both 3s and MvC2!

Why We’re Doing This
Right now, the 2-D Fighter community is being completely overlooked. Not to take anything away from the 3-D Fighter scenes like Tekken and DoA4, but it was 2-D fighters that attracted the majority of players to Evolution. The more exposure that the community receives, the better position we are in to attract more sponsors and attention. This means that the community can hold bigger and better events. LANFest is an opportunity for us to show, to the mainstream gaming community, by strength of presence, that we can be more than a small, niche community. There are going to be a LOT of big sponsors present at the event, and we’d like them to support future endeavors for fighting games. This time around, we can only handle 3rd Strike and MvC2, but in future events, we’ll include other games as well if the scene is strong enough to support it.

Otherwise, I’m going to have to learn Smash Bros. just to pay my cable bill. I hate Jigglypuff. Don’t make me learn Jigglypuff.

Equipment: Please Help!
We are going to need Playstation 2s and Dreamcasts for this event, as well as plain-vanilla CRT televisions(NO LAG) and copies of 3rd Strike and MvC2. I’ll be bringing two of three TVs myself, and if anyone is willing to help out, please let us know. I’ll also be bringing video recording equipment to post on Denjin Video, and if we have enough stations available, there will be casual stations set up all day for practice.

I will rebate 1/2 of your entry fee if you can help out with a TV or console(and, depending on alloted space, we end up using it. This will probably be the case).

Ontario Convention Center
2000 E. Convention Center Way
Ontario, California 91764

Saturday, October 6th
Venue opens on Friday and will be open 24/7 until Sunday Evening.

Universal Rules
[]Physical withdrawal from controller necessary for Judge’s Call
]Judge’s Calls are Final
[]Implied Agreement without a Judge is binding
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Time: 2:00 PM
]Double Elimination, 2/3 Matches (Finals at Discretion of Director)
[]Judgment In Effect
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Time: 6:00 PM (Approximately)
]No Gambit/Ruby/Other Freezing Glitches
[]No Dead-Body Infinites (only for corner positioning)
]Double Elimination, 2/3 Matches (Finals at Discretion of Director)
[]Draw Game counts as Double Win (If it creates a tie, then a tiebreaker is necessary)
]Winner during a set must retain team composition and order.
[*]Blind Pick and Coin Flip are available upon request.
Rules are subject to change.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please respond in this thread!

Also, if you have pre-registered, PLEASE POST HERE or PM me so I know what bracket to put you in!

Good shit. I was already attending this because of the Gears tournament.

That’s good money.

Woot!! time to get my stick fixed and practice.

Good shit. I might be able to supply a ps2(not sure) but i have a copy of 3rd strike for playstation i can definately bring. and a ticket is $40 right?

Perfect…give me that cake…


can we just make the rules standard evo for marvel? i.e keeping the same order, blind pick if necessary, coin flip for sides etc.

Just to clarify- its $40 to enter one tournament, and $60 to enter both?

see you there

im fuckin your shit up real good :wgrin:

Yes, 40 for 1 tourney, 60 for both.

I hear Rubillionaire is coming OMFG the MADDNESS!!! RU FUCKING BILLIONAIRE!!! aka knee dive 3 times in a row with ironman aka mon im so much butta than you aka awwww mon :rofl:

im going to bring a ps2 and a copy of 3rd strike. when would you like me to get it in by?

Count fisherman joe in!

I’ve already got:

3 TVs (Me)
2 PS2s (Trippy)

We need enough for 6-8 stations. Just let me know in here and bring it on the day of the tourney.

That means:

8 TVs
8 PS2s + Game
8 Dreamcasts + Game

i’ll bring a ps2 and a copy of 3s

i’ll be attending

Alright I’m signed up.

Tom, I’ll bring a PS2 and a copy of 3rd Strike.

Welcome to


I’ll bring ps2 and 3s.

I will be able to bring 3-4 Dreamcast + Marvel’s.