Lansing/MSU Players Wanted

I live in East Lansing, MI, and I’m looking for some local competition, either casual or hopefully I’d like to get a small tournament scene going.

Theres a local shop that is willing to run game tournaments, they have hosted a few SFIV tourneys, but the turn out wasn’t big enough for them to keep doing them.

The store is called Replay, its on Grand River Ave. on the Michigan State Campus. They buy and sell used games/records/movies. Heres their website:

If you live in East Lansing, or would like to come play here for a tournament let me know. When I talked to the guys at the store they pretty much told me they just needed to hear that there is some demand for a SFIV tournament and they would host again.

Let’s get some people together and raise our game!

I can’t say I live near East Lansing, but I do live in Michigan. You should come to the Ann Arbor tournament this Saturday if you can. It’s only about an hour, same for me.

people in saginaw would come down.

I’ve got a few locals who would come to a tournament, are Saturdays a good day for you guys to come out?


I live in eaton rapids, about 15minutes south of lansing and am very interested in any sort of local scene. Email is, send me any info you got.

you guys should check out the tournaments in ann arbor at Digital Ops, there is usually a pretty good turnout and the more the merrier. I know its a bit of the drive, but carpooling etc might make it more manageable. Tournaments are generally on saturdays with a 5pm start time. Larger tourneys generally have 2v2 around 1pm, then singles around 5

I work till 6 almost every Saturday so I wouldn’t be able to make that time even locally, nevermind ann arbor. Is this a recurring saturday thing or once a month type deal?

seems like they are trying to run smaller ones just about every saturday with $5 entry fee and then once a month have a bigger one with a team tourney and $10 entry,