Lanwerx MvC2 Team Tournament Results 9-6

Here are the results for the “just for fun” team tournament that took place after the normal mvc2 tournament.

1st -
- Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”
- Eric Foley “StiltMan”
- Andrew Blanchette “Mix Masta Drew Dub”
- Jason Mar
- Zach “zachdms”

2nd -
- Mark Santos “Guahcsta Sanios”
- James Siew “Peachy”
- Evan Wenzel “Rairu”

3rd -
- Mandel Scott “Soy Sauce”
- Ian Tonberry “Vashthestampede”
- Kyle Chow “Kross-up”

4th -
- Val Boentaran “Codyliciouz”
- Cory Wyckoff “Dan_is_my_hero”
- Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”

This tournament was mad goofy. Rowtron decided to get a perfect on me, but at least I still won a while dollar. Someone should let me know if I made any mistakes with the results. Oh, and yes it’s not a typo, the winning team ended up having 5 players all together. Bomb.

Team Trace took 5th - Frank, Trace (ICD-3), and Eric.

Team Stilt (Zach/Drew/Stilt) beat Team Trace, Team Kyle, before losing to Team Santos in winner’s final. At that point Drew and Stilt had to take off, so I put the non-teamed Ro and Jason on my team. If that torqued anybody off, I apologize - at that point, it was either that or Team Me x 3. :frowning:

I think Ro got dropped twice (?) in the Team Tournament.
I think Kyle OCVd an entire team. He’s starting to beast pretty hard these days.
Jason Mar needs to come to the regular tournaments.
Evan 0wns me.


Shout out to Licio, who didn’t win!

Uhhh… yeah. That was part of my evil plan all along. Lose on purpose in the winners’ final, complete with lots of goofy sound effects along the way to sell that it was genuine, then make like I thought the tournament was over, and then leave with Drew so that Row and Servbot could take our places and stomp everyone. That was brilliant.

Uhhhhh… :confused: :confused:

Nice work Eric.

Man, StiltMan beat me up good…

Haha 2nd place, made a dollar. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: There was no entry fee, so $1 per person for 2nd prize is a pretty good return on investment. Cody took a PC game for his MvC2 3rd place (instead of the $10), so I reused $9 of that for the Team Tourney prize, and split up “my” $3 to give to the 2nd place team players.

Zach is the man. dollar bills come in handy when your wallet is fuckin empty.