Lap or stand for arcade sticks?


I’ve been playing on my lap for awhile, but I really want that real arcade feel. What surface do you guys play on? Also if you use a stand what are you using? Coffee table? I’ve seen some people use adjustable wireracks are these things stable for you guys?


Have you seen Duc’s MvC2 stick podium? Look it up.


the main reason to use wire shelving is the very adjustable height, you can get very good approximations of candy cabinet heights.

they are also pretty versatile and with a little bit of creativity, you can definitely turn a few shelves into a legit station, almost like a cab.

also generally sturdy enough for many things.

I personally use wire shelving myself:

a bit undersized, planing to complete do re-haul similar to mimimifelicia’s, you can check out her blog post about it, its in japanese, but its straightforward


Fuck yes, dood! Well done.


oops, edited my post, first two pics aren’t mine, credited source and added link to her blog. they serve as inspiration. I just wanted to share it so that y’all can see cool stuff :slight_smile:

edit edit - another reason i shared that is because of the cost. she said she pretty much spent well around 7000yen on it, roughly $75. In many ways, its cost effective, might be harder to find a good source of wire shelving parts depending on one’s area though.


Wow, thanks for sharing hibachifinal, that set up is pretty dope. I’ll have to look into wire shelving because I’ve tried a lot of different methods already, tv tray, wrong height, plus wobbly and ikea laptop tray which again was also wobbly and broke after a few months.


I just posted this somewhere else, I use one of these and it is perfect to put in front of the couch etc. Sturdy and she can make them in a gamer/comic/anime theme :slight_smile:


Tefightstands does good work and is fairly priced. Ive got one, but I think im going to down-grade (size wise) to a 24" kraylix.


I’m pretty sure that’s an Ikea Lack table, without someone gluing manga to it they’re about US$6 each.


You could make that table yourself very, very easily. Cheap ass table+Manga pages+Epoxy or even Puzzle Glue.


years ago i considered buying a “Table Mate.” yes, that adjustable stand thing from the annoying infomercial. anyone tried it? reviews say the top can be a bit flimsy, uneven, or can warp from the weight of whatever is placed on it. considering the weight of some sticks and the added stress from resting your hands on it and normal usage, maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea for this purpose. one reviewer on amazon says he does use the “woodgrain” version for arcade sticks and racing wheels, though.


Cafe id has a stand they carry around to tournaments for their players, its made from metal shelving used in garages. Its extremely sturdy and rugged, a shelf kit should be easily accessible from most hardware stores.


nice post. by any chance, do you know how she managed to get the opening on the bottom shelf in the first picture (where your feet would be)?

**Edit - Found my answer. You need to use “hanger rails”.


While I don’t have pics my brother-in-law said he saw the perfect set up in Ikea.
My sister told him NO.

Now if I can only convince him to set his Dreamcast to VGA.


Where does one find this?


Almost any hardware store, or stores with a hardware department (Target, WalMart)


Just picked this up today at the Home Depot:

HDX brand $20, plus another $20 for two of the garage racks and another $10 or so for tax and hardware and now I have this as my new computer desk/part time “arcade” like game station:

I’ll eventually use this as the bones of my Viewlix knock off.