Laptop Backpacks

I have to wonder why the padded area of most laptop backpacks that are obviously for the laptop are always placed towards the bottom/back. So if I lay it down on a table, the weight of all my other cargo is going to be sitting right on top of it? How does that make sense!!??:crybaby::crybaby:. So now I"m in a position where I either place it towards the bottom or further towards the top/front in an area that isn’t padded and might not be good for it. And then I don’t know how to test it for water resistance so wtf if it rains??

Laptops backpacks are designed that way for a reason, so while you are wearing it, the stuff on the outside protects your laptop in case you fall backwards or something - the padding is close to your back where the laptop is most secure. All the other stuff will absorb the impact before it gets to your back/laptop. I don’t know what kind of cargo you are carrying, but it shouldn’t be enough for you to worry about crushing your laptop. If you are carrying that much weight, you either need a better laptop bag, need to carry your laptop in a separate messenger bag, or have a POS laptop that can’t handle 25 pounds of weight sitting on top of it and all the padding.

Swiss Army bags seem to be the opposite. Or at least the ones I’ve owned had the laptop on the superior pockets with the book section on the inferior.

Depends on the design, my Bug Out has an option for right against your back or a “suspended” type section in the middle that can only fit netbooks. Still, you shouldn’t be worried about the weight of the items in your bag crushing your laptop.