Laptop buying and the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

So I’m currently in the market for a new laptop and one of the things I’d like to do with it is do some game livestreaming. The requirements on Amazon states that it requires a USB 3.0 and X58 chipset or better.

The laptop I’m looking at is using a HM65 chipset. Will that work with the Intensity Pro or should I search out a laptop with a X58 chipset?

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Edit: I’ve also sent a support request to Blackmagic. I’ll post on here their response here, if in case it helps out anyone else interested in the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle.

From what I heard from Sp00ky’s stream, the BMI with USB 3.0 does not work well with laptops. I don’t really know the specifics but he checked out forums and were disappointed too.

Yikes. That’s disappointing. I idea of portable streaming is really great. Spooky’s current solution seems amazing, but soo expensive.

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So here’s the response from Blackmagic.

aggro crag:
have you made any purchase yet ?
I also want to use the shuttle: I am wondering of this laptop by HP would work ? (how does one find what chipset it comes with PRIOR to buying ?..also wondering if the main kicker is on-board usb 3 and the GEN2 thing and exact chipset would not be a problem…any further experience you gathered…thanks a lot

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bumping this…

I’ve just purchased a hp pavilion dv6t quad i7 with an intel hm65 chipset with the hopes of using an intensity shuttle as well. only set back is that hp won’t have it ready until May 20th so I won’t be able to test until June…

really curious though if anyone else has gotten this to run on such setup.

I just got an asus g73sw with the hm65 chipset. According to another website the core i5 version of a “similar” laptop with the same chipset yields 10x usb 2.0 speed. So in theory it should be enough bandwidth for the shuttle. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow if it works or not.

Update: Got the black magic and it does not work with my laptop. I keep getting bsods like crazy and I believe it’s a memory issue.

that’s pretty disappointing… i’m still waiting for my laptop to get here, but i’m pretty bummed that you’re getting those issues since i doubt i’ll have any more luck.

at what point do you start getting hit with bsod’s?

i know this is a year old, but i just went through a lot to get this thing working correctly so if you still need help with this just let me know and i’ll do my best to assist you.

besides the USB3.0 and all the correct drivers you’ll a really fast hard drive to capture without skipping frames.
i recommend an SSD which i just purchases or a Western Digitial Velociraptor if capacity is an issue. not sure how teh velociraptor will perform, but look for anything with a high read/write speed.

the SSD i’m going to be using has a right speed of about 250 mb/s through SATA II i think the velociraptor will get around 160ish. that should be more than enough to capture in 720P