Laptop input delay

I’m using a Qosmio X305 laptop. It’s great, except for one thing: input delay. It’s horrible. If, for example, I slide my finger across the touchpad very quickly, I can visibly see the mouse lag behind. If I tap a key on the keyboard fast enough it’ll either not register or register slightly after I take my finger off. It’s not a big enough deal to make normal use a problem, but when playing fighting games online it’s…not good.

Is this normal for laptops?

Take 40$ Get some xbox360 Fightpads.

I have a fightpad. Madcatz SE modded with Sanwa parts. Sticks can’t bypass hardware lag.

Almost every laptop I’ve owned has had keyboard delay to some extent, some worse than others.

Filco Majestouch is what you need my friend.

On the cheap, I would also consider an ABS M1 keyboard, you can find them on newegg.

my first post was a double post…great haha

I wouldn’t advise buying extra crap until you narrow down the problem, though I guess if you have an extra USB keyboard/mouse, you could try hooking them up for trouble shooting purposes.

Do you have a ton of bloatware running in the background? Anti-virus running maybe?

And no, I wouldn’t say it’s normal unless the laptop is running a bunch of shit it doesn’t have the resources for. I don’t experience such problems on my Dell Studio.

The input lag could also be coming from your monitor. If your laptop has a VGA or HDMI port hook it up to an external monitor that you know has little to no input lag and see if the problem still exists.