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Gateway 15.6" Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 Laptop (ID5401H) - Blue - Future Shop

I’m thinking of getting this for my dad (60 year old man) and teach him how to use a computer… just curious if there is better deals to be found. It’s only going to be used for internet, skype etc… I would get him a netbook, but the screen is too small.

Looking at the specs & price, I say go for it. I’m not a nerd though, sorry…

def looks good on this side. all the specs are within acceptable range for the price. screen can do up 720p video and the processor should be able to handle videos decoding for with the proper codecs. full size keyboard is nice too for learning and not having smaller cramped keys. multi-card reader for cards from camera is good to have. you can always upgrade the hdd if starts enjoying the computer a lot and it fill up quick. (worst thing i could have done was show my father how to dl vids from youtube…) multi-gesture trackpad input is nice. 3gigs of ram and wireless b/g/n is great too. i say go for it. if you are still not sure then black friday and cyber-money isnt really that far away and there will be a lot of deal like this then.

it looks like a good deal. Get it for you dad. :slight_smile:

What is cyber-monday. Do they usually have black friday deals online in the states?

cyber-monday is the monday directly after thanksgiving/black friday usually when the most online sales/deals/steals are in the us. called cyber monday because these sales are targeted for office people going back to work after the holiday weekend and ordering stuff from work. usually find big deals from everyone including big vendors on pretty much anything.

more info:

Cyber Monday - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Pretty good deal although nothing special about it, BBY and FF usually has these kinda sales for these kind of value laptops often around busier times of the year. Only questionable thing about it is the brand. Gateway/HPs blow lol.

No it doesn’t, SRK was a hell with the rep system, and a retarded circle jerk.

As for the real question, it looks like it’s a good laptop for the basics. Dont be afraid to shop around at retail stores for clearance laptops though.
I would stay away from a netbook, firstly for the screen size, secondly for the touchpad/key size and thirdly because it will run very slow (The atom is a piece of shit) and old people hate it when stuff takes forever to load (I made that mistake with giving my father my not often used Aspire One, worst idea ever)

A so-so deal for a meh computer. I know it’s only for learning and such but I would suggest at least a core 2 duo CPU. It might cost a bit more but I would definitely consider shopping around and look for something better. Check out refurbished stores in Dell and HP. You can get some great laptops. It would make the learning process more fun to do it without the lagging and slowing down I think.

Gateway is not a brand best known for it’s customer support services. That aside, I agree with the majority here in that I believe this to be a great laptop for someone who is just learning Windows. The Intel UHD4500 graphics chipset is decent for this purpose coupled with a dual-core CPU. 4gig of RAM is good for the purposes you intend, for the time being. It ought to play DVD movies and downloaded HD video well. The HDMI output will prove useful in watching video content from the latop on a modern LCD television. Having the webcam is a nice idea as I am certain that may provide entertaining for him in contacting friends/relatives.

I am more partial to HP myself, however, for the price and what you intend it for, I believe this to be a good find. I would even go so far as to say that I would even give this model to my wife if I ever thought she would be interested in having a laptop of her own.

There’s not much difference between c2d and pentium dc processors…
4GB of ram is overkill for most users. 3GB is absolutely fine for general usage.

That’s a good laptop for the price.

dont forget its in CAD.