Laptop runs sf4 slow


I am just wondering if this is normal or not. My laptop runs sf4 great for one round and then the fps drops horribly and the game goes into slomo. This is at 1280x800 resolution with most things turned off or low. The only way to get it to run with no lag is if i drop the res to 640x480. I just find it weird that it runs fine for one round at the higher detail before it get’s bad. I have the newest graphics drivers and the computer is only a 6 months old and has been defragged pretty recently. Here are the specs
Dell xps m1530
core 2 duo 2.4 ghz
4 Gb ram
nvidia 8600m gt 256 MB
350 GB HD
15" wuxga screen
Win XP home

Thanks a lot


Sorry, but the 8600m probably is your bottleneck there, the rest is fine.


my friend has the same laptop so its definitely the 8600m gt. if you want to run it faster lower the settings. or if you must have high settings choose stages with little action in the background like the training stage.


the sames happens to me in other games like quake 4, i can play fine at 60 fps the first 15 minutes, but then gets slower and slower… i thought it has to do about the components heat?


set your framerate to fixed instead of variable


have you tried re-installing the game? I have a computer with similar specs and had problems initially, but after re-installing it now runs the game fine


It’s the heat. If it runs fine and then gets worse and worse on a laptop? Definitely overheating. Put it on a cool surface. You might want to run a temperature checking tool to look at your temps, like SpeedFan.

I don’t know if those cooling pads for laptops work, but look into those.


try flipin off some textures and make sure your framerate is set to fixed

i have a santa rosa mac running dual boot w/ almost same hardware as yours…

tell us how it turns out man!!!


Thanks for all the advice. Especially the folks with similar hardware saying that theirs runs better. That means it’s probably something to do with my computer or settings. I will mess around with the settings and post again when i have results. I bought the game off Impulse so to reinstall it might mean I have to re-download the whole thing. I will check on that though.


I’m running sf4 off Windows 7 on my macbook pro, 2.66ghz, 8600m 256meg, 3 gigs of ram.

It runs off the the default settings just fine at 1440x900. i’m getting about 55 to 60 fps so no problems there even after multiple rounds.

have you tried running the benchmark tool thats in the main menu?


kodec- thanks that’s just what i wanted to hear. You have almost identical specs as mine.
As of now I tried to reinstall it to see if that would fix things. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that impulse has a way of reinstalling without redownloading the whole game. So it will be a while before I can run the benchmark tool. I will post again after redownloading.


I have exactly the same laptop you have : Dell XPSm1530

The graphics card, I’m sorry to say, is shit.

There is no game that I can run with default settings in the native 1440*900 resolution

I play Anno 1404 and Call of Duty 4 at the lowest possible quality settings.

For SF 4 it is worse, i need to play in windowed 1280*720 with everything but the backgrounds at the lowest possible settings.

On top of that, I just defragmented my hard drives and I close every other application when running SF4

Even so, my FPS hover between 56 and 60 (no deterioration over time though)

I suggest you defrag and close everything else, see how that works for you


Are you running 32 or 64-bit windows 7?


I’d be pretty happy if I could run it at 1280 + 720. We’ll see how this reinstall goes. I’m just confused as to why people with the exact same specs are getting much better performance.


I’ve experienced this on my lappy in the pass and I found out my heatsink was completely clogged. However, this doesnt seem to be the case since your laptop looks relatively new. It might have some kind of setting built in to downclock when it starts getting hot.


WOW the reinstall worked wonders! I am now playing at 1280x800 with hardly any slow down. The only stage where it has very tiny pauses so far is blankas stage.
What’s strange is that when I run the Benchmark tool it thinks I have a pentium 3 xeon processor and 512 Megs of Video memory. And it gives me a C (40 fps) with the current settings. But when I play it normally my frame rates are much higher. Well hopefully things stay this way.
Thanks a lot for all the help!