Laptop troubles


Ok I don’t kno if this is the right place to post this or not but evryone on this site is so helpful so ill give it a shot.
Yesterday while on this site on my laptop my computer just shut down for no reason and when I try to turn it back on, the screen comes up normally and it says DELL and it shows the loading bar at the bottom. However as soon as the loading bar is done it goes straight to a black screen and just stays there. When I turn it off and back on it just repeats the process.
Does anyone kno y this might be and thanks for your help. O and its an inspiron 1525


Wrong place bro you might want to check out a PC blog there’s a freaking million of them compared to the handful of fighting game forums so please don’t litter our Tech forum with you bull shit…:wgrin:oh sorry for the PC problems that sucks but it has happened to us all


You can try taking out the cmos battery to see if the bios is messed up. Does it make any noises? Any indication that windows is loading at all?

His post relates to Tech, you are just being an ass clown.


Hey I may be a ass clown in your eyes but at least I got him some attention to get some help with his question fuck face


You are an ignorant ass clown that has nothing better to do than to berate others without cause. I would not be surprised if you are still in middle school or just transitioning into high school.

If you are angry at something please go work out or something. Or talk with a counselor. Bottom line, get help. Typing idiotic responses on a forum does not validate you as a man of any sort and will only get you banned.

Please stop with the nonsense and get over it. The issue is finished.