Laptop Vs Htpc

I asked in the noobie thread which laptop would be best for games.

I got the response: you’ll probably be much happier with an htpc.

What is that? how big are they? are they cheap? any good brands?

Just help me out. I know nothing of this computer buying tomfoolery.

HTPC = Home Theater Personal Computer

You can find some more info here…

I don’t see how someone would recommend a HTPC for gaming? I think peeps must of been confused. A HTPC is just a computer designed with the purpose of playing movies/listening to music. It is nothing specific… merely a PC that is purely geared towards these needs. It is not necessarily ideally suited to gaming but that is also to say it would not be good for gaming. It would all depend on the budget you wanted to spend. All in all though, most HTPC’s are not beefy.

So the laptop is the way to go if I want portable PC gaming.

Yes, it must be portable fro my specific needs.

The problem with gaming laptops is that they are quickly out of date. Video cards are virtually impossible to replace unless they are already one of the options available. What games do you want to play?

A “good” laptop then. Something with a dedicated graphics chip is a must if you want to do any type of semi-serious gaming.

Also HTPC’s are built with just enough power to handle HD video+Audio, etc. This is to keep heat, noise and power-consumption as low as possible (always on, sitting in your living room; last thing you want is to hear the fans).
Certainly not intended for gaming of any sort.

i would say if you want to play games with max your going to have to spend around 700$ i dont think HTPC is what your going to want at all for games. i think we will need like how big you want the screen thing to be, how high you want the game to play, screen resolution, blu ray, etc.

Edit: After looking at your post on the noobie help thread i would say you want something pretty top tier the asus G72GX-RBBX05 seems to have solid specs and the gateway P-7915u FX, im not sure what country you are in but best buy has both of these in stock. someone typed up the differences on yahoo answers so id recommend you look here. the price of the asus is actually a 50$ less now than the gateway so i guess id recommend that.

Do not confuse HTPC with the general small form factor PC. You can cram some nice specs in a small case, but of course it won’t be like having a big case where you can put anything inside. The challenge is to maximize the computer parts that can fit in a small case without it becoming a microwave oven.

An advantage for small form factor PC is its portability in a sense that you can bring it on LAN parties or BYOC (computer, not consoles lol).

Thanks for the advice! aw man they both have stuff I need. anything with even better specs and an even bigger screen?
Also, are all laptops free of input lag?

Hate to be THAT guy, but this just became Way more important.