Laredo players gather round, introduce yourselve’s, tell the world who you are! :rock:

This thread is for info on what is going on in the Laredo Area. Laredoans, Dale con toda su madre!

PSN: dragula96
Top 3 Laredo SSFIV player
10 time undefeated SFIV(vanilla) champion of 2009!

hey whats guys my name Jesse i main El Fuerte ever since vanilla (no not a 1st choice) but yeah im glad to see we made ourselves known to Texas this past Saturday! and im always looking out for good players so add me on XBL my Gt is RomanLogan…

What’s good people! Repping laredo Tx. The 956. hit me up on PSN-mikeyboy956


Hey wasup my name is Pabbs. I used to main main blonds but now I play Rose. I play on pad cause im too lazy to learn stick. Add me my psn is Pabbs78046

lol are you the dude who beat san antonio?


That’s my boy Pabbs (loveless) Nieto! :rock:

Good stuff dude :tup:

Shoutouts to yalls tio mikey boy for puting you guys on the map. I cant wait to see yall at my test your skills tournaments. Im happy to see the texas scene keeps growing with new competition. I will be planning regionals in the future so we can see which city is the best city in the southwest division.:rock:

make sure to check out a big regional tourney coming up soon. last one was pretty hype and houston took the win and placed 1st and 3rd. make yalls big debut onto the scene with your own team.

yo was good laredo…XD didn’t get to go to this past tournament :confused: maybe next time…welcome to SRK…i don’t mind having a few matches. i’ll send some requests…i think i’ve seen mikeyboy956 throwdown against gootecks, unless it was someone else…anyways hit me up if ya’ll wanna have some rounds …laterz:karate:

what up Victor here from Laredo psn is daviddangerous

laredo = best street fighter 4 players, except pabbs…how did he get top anything? hahahaha

laredo people should post their tags in if they play on xbox

Video compiled by who were at the scene on Saturday when it all went down

That would be nice.

Yea me and mikeyboy will try to put a group together to go up there for that.

waves hand in air Meeeeee. meeeeee. meeeeee. But can we take a plane to houston? I don’t like 6 hour car rides.

Im talked to mikey boy about a 5 vs 5 money match yesterday scheduled for dec 4 as a main event at my next tournament. I will iron out some details with him so we can figure out who will represent each city. Should be a EPIC event. Also, do you have any mvc2 players in laredo?

Depends if you want to pay 50$-100$. I can see what are the cheapest prices and airlines for you. Most likely southwest airlines is the cheapest. Thats what I fly and its super cheap everywere I go…

Also play blazeblue… fuck ssf4

What’s going on guys? I was thinking of making one of these, but i never got around to it. if you’re from laredo i’m sure you know who i am from my name. not because im good, but because it stands out.