Large blue ufo shoots across the valley in california. Caught on tape by friend of Jenna marbles

So i’ll copy and paste what i said in the lounge, and some other stuff

UFO is trending on twitter right now. Apparently jenna marbles and her friend caught hd video of a ufo. She cant stop talking about it on her timeline.

I watched the video. Its clearly some type of advanced rocket,as you can see it go through its stages of propulsion, but ive never seen anything like that before. It goes from a red dot in the sky, to a little red tail behind the dot, to a bigger red tail, to blue, to this HUGE mostly blue/white flying object, and at like 2:15 you can see the object veer off, and just fucking take off in the other direction.

At the very least, why would you test something like this over L.A at night on a fucking saturday. Logic says, that wasnt a test, but something else. Khloe kardashian even tweeted about it. lol

It’s a Trident missile, not a UFO.

People need to remember that the US Navy’s Pacific Test Range is just of the coast.

Third Fleet Cmdr. Ryan Perry (via Channel 7, NBC San Diego)

Now what was being tested, and what the payload of the missile was, we have no idea. Might not even be a Trident D5. That said, expect more tests throughout the week as the airspace over that area has been restricted for that amount of time.

Girl going "Is Russia like, bombing us?"

Who the fuck is jena marbles?

and yet this is the first time anybody has seen something like this.

here is the missile they claim launched, actually launching, for reference. Note how it looks NOTHING LIKE WHAT WAS FILMED:

The great thing is that we’re supposed to believe the military and government like they have such a stellar record of telling the absolute truth about some strange shit someone saw in the sky :lol:

After watching these videos I can say without a doubt that those are missiles. Looks cool as fuck seeing the air displacement. Work next an airport and worked in the Mojave desert as they tested drones and all kinds of shit.

Man these people are dumb as shit lol, same type of people that think clouds are gods and Jesus.

Welp, north Korea got you niggas.

West Coast stay free

Shit looks like a giant sperm cell.

Still no answer?

She’s one of those youtube personalities or whatever.

Jenna marbles is famous for talking about her vagina to a camera and then uploading it to youtube

Holy shit, I saw it guys! Right at the 1:52 mark, crazy UFO flies across the screen! Fucking aliens and shit!

Where’s the UFO conspiracy theorists when you need them?

Nvm @chadouken! Is starting it off…

Did you actually look at the original footage at the 1:52 mark?? There is undeniably a UFO that zooms across the image and flies off into the night. I’ve never seen anything like it!!

This is what the government wants you to think…

The yomi is too fucking strong mayne.

Looks like a saiyan pod to me

That UFO definitely was a rocket, the angle just made the viewers see the plume coming from the exhaust. Pretty spectacular sight.

If you want to see something truly inexplicable:

Direct feed footage from the NASA space station. The changes in inertia from an object in space with no visible propulsion which defies the laws of physics if it were an ordinary satellite or space debri. Not only does it turn but it decelerates before making the turn which shows a degree of intelligent control. The most compelling footage of an unidentified flying object I’ve ever seen.

I think that was just a moth.