Large MvC2 and CvS2 cabinets now @ Westbury Nathans, Long Island

Just to give some of you Long Island players a heads up. I will just copy and paste what I wrote from our thread.

So now LI finally has a “spot”.

sweet… sounds cool.

And i suggest everyone support it since they manager there is willing to listen. at least go once a week for 15 min. so he knows people are interested, then he might get rid of the other old games and bring some new stuff in.

I concur.

= D w00t nathans is the best !!!111one!!11!!111 pfft… i will never play…only for ren <3

Haha, you’re the guy that used to work there right? Matt is your name if I remember correctly. How come you never came to our tournies?! :mad:

Next weekend im gonna drop by… well all work something out. Only thing is that I think SB is just as good an mvc2 spot (:
Either way I’ll play where everyone else plays.

I happened to see Syn over there, and we’re thinking of having a tourney in 2 weeks just to get the place started. Whoever is down to come, post in the thread.

Yep yep. Tourney will be on Sat, Nov 5th. MvC2 and CvS2. Galaga also if you’re interested :confused:. Post if you’re coming.

I Will be attending… awesome.

lol yeah its me i never did cuz gf ; / but you know id be all over you and ur “sticks” like flies on poop :encore:

ill show up to watch tho since id LOVE to see what makes ren think im any good :confused:

OMG it’s the legend:china: . Please bless us with your presence, and don’t beat me too bad

Sorry guys, not sure if I could run the tourney this Sat. Got a paper to do. I will try my best to finish it by Fri. But if I can’t make it, is there someone willing to run it? Ren? John?

Who would be willing to show up at nathans on saturday night for a session/tourney?

Anakaris said he’ll be there.

nice… who else is good to go?

well since there was no interest and i barely see anyone playing at nathan’s i just gave up. Also the fact that the controls on cvs are slanted didn’t help either, i just can’t get used to playing like that. Green Acres is the only place to play

Good thing about nathans is its easier to get people to go there. cvs2 slanted? damn… how so?

Anybody go to StonyBrook? Hit me up with a PM or reply.

Yeah, there are a few (including me) and formers that regularly posts on this thread.

Why? Looking for some marvel action?